1. Life–threatening injury or illness, or death:
      2. Non-life-threatening injury or illness:







Life–threatening injury or illness, or death:


  Call 911 for local police department response

  Call Campus Police at 504-671-1111 .

  Give full attention to the victim(s).

  Do not attempt to move a person who is ill or injured unless he/she is in immediate danger of further injury.

  If possible, isolate the affected student/staff member. Disperse onlookers and keep others from congregating in the area.

  Check breathing. Is the airway clear? Is the victim in a position to facilitate breathing?

  Help stop bleeding.

o   Applying pressure on wound or elevating wound may help stop or slow bleeding.

o   Protect yourself from body fluids. Use gloves if available.

  Check for vital signs. Initiate first aid, if you are trained.

  Comfort the victim(s) and offer reassurance that medical attention is on the way.

  After immediate medical needs have been cared for, remain to assist emergency medical services personnel with pertinent information about the incident.


Non-life-threatening injury or illness:


  For all non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries, call your campus or site administrative office .




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