1. Office of Grants Development
      2. Grant Process Checklist
      3. Proposal Development:
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      5. Project Implementation:

Office of Grants Development

Grant Process Checklist


This form is completed by the Director of Grants Development to document the grants processed through the Office of Grants Development.


Name of Applicant:______________________________ Department:__________________________


Project Name:________________________________________________________________________


Pre-Proposal Development:





1. Meeting with appropriate Supervisor/Director/Dean to get support for project and to ensure coordination of impacted departments.


Signature of approver:_______________________________________


2. Discussion of Grant Concept Planning Form with Director of Grants Development and identification of funding source.


Signature, Director of Grants Development:____________________________


Proposal Development:





1. Application prepared in accordance with funder’s RFP. Office of Grants Development provides technical support.


2. Final draft submitted to Office of Grants Development no later than one week prior to application deadline (Director of Grants Development plans for timely submittal through overnight mail or electronic submission as per funding source’s delivery requirements).







1. Proposal approved by Dean/Appropriate Department Head.


2. Proposal approved by Director of Grants Development.


3. Final budget approved by Director of Restricted Funds.


4. Director of Grants Development (or designee) ensures routing of proposal for appropriate review, and obtains necessary signatures.


5. Final proposal submitted by Director of Grants Development (or designee).


Project Implementation:





1. Office of Grants Development and Director of Restricted Funds received copy of award letter from Principal Investigator.


2. Director of Restricted Funds assigned budget code to grant project.


3. Principal Investigator met with Office of Grants Development for assistance with initial requisition process and related tasks.


4. Grants Manager worked with Director of Grants Development to negotiate contracts and to prepare and submit required reports.


Form 6310/003 (3/09)


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