Policy No.     SA-1430.1B





       EFFECTIVE DATE:  March 5, 2002

          CANCELLATION:   DCI 1430.1A (11/10/87)

      OFFICE:   Student Affairs (SA)

















              POLICY STATEMENT


    Delgado Community College has the legal rights and moral obligation to establish rules for the administration, coordination, and security of educational and professional contract tests administered at the College.


    This memorandum outlines procedures and guidelines for administering educational and professional contract tests.



    1.   Purpose


    To establish policy and procedures governing the administration of educational and professional contract, certification, and licensing exams at Delgado Community College.



    2.   Scope and Applicability


     This policy and procedures memorandum applies to all personnel in administering,

    monitoring and proctoring educational contract, certification, qualifying, and licensing exams

    at Delgado Community College, as well as to non-Delgado employees who wish to work

    with Delgado personnel in administering contract tests.



    3.  Guidelines


    A.     The Director of Testing and Assessment will be responsible for overseeing the overall

    administration of educational contract, certification, and licensing exams at Delgado

    Community College. Standard procedures will be adhered to along with the explicit

    guidelines written in each test manual.



    B.     Persons selected  to administer the exams should meet the criteria as established by  the testing agency. Where no guidelines are given, the Director of Testing and

    Assessment will establish such guidelines to assure that only qualified personnel

    administer or proctor exams. Delgado Community College personnel will be given

    preference; non-Delgado employees will be considered to assist in testing when


    4.   Background


    Delgado Community College has agreements with testing organizations to operate a test center and to conduct paper/pencil tests and computerized certification and licensing exams. The State of Louisiana has authorized Delgado Community College as a test site for the State Civil Service exams. The College is also designated as a college-wide American College Testing (ACT) WORKKEYS Assessment Service Center



    5.   Responsibility


    The Testing and Assessment Director is responsible for the authorization of personnel, test coordination, and function request approval for all educational contract and certification qualifying exams given at the College.


    All testing for non-traditional college credit on all campuses (i.e., Tech Prep, CLEP, DANTES) is also under the auspices of the Testing and Assessment Director.


    Senior testing personnel at each satellite campus will act as campus coordinator for testing. He/she will advise the Testing and Assessment Director of his/her campus testing activities. Senior testing personnel are also responsible for coordination of ACT WORKKEYS assessment offerings at each campus facility.


    6.   Accountability


      Test rosters and titles of tests given by test supervisors must be submitted to the

    Office of Testing and Assessment for record-keeping purposes. Reports regarding tests

    should be submitted immediately after each test session.




    7.   Special Testing Accommodation


    Any special accommodations necessary for campus testing must receive authorization for accommodation through the College’s Office of Disabilities Services. Special Testing accommodations will be provided when appropriate according to guidelines written in the test administrator’s manual. Test administrator will follow appropriate test manual when applicable.



    8.   Testing Fees


    Testing fees will be collected by the testing agencies whenever possible on each respective campus. All other testing fees will be collected at the Bursar’s Office according to an established college-wide fee schedule.



    9.   Cancellation


    This policy and procedures memorandum cancels DCI 1430.1A, Administration of National Contract Tests at Delgado Community College , dated November 10, 1987.






    J. Terence Kelly



    Review Process:  

    Testing Council 2/16/01

    Student Affairs Council 2/26/02

    Executive Council 3/5/02



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