Use These Tips When Making Hotel Reservations And Checking
    Into Hotels.
    When making reservations at a hotel please ask for a State Government Rate.
    Make sure you know the cancellation policy. If you do not cancel a reservation you
    Ask for the best rate available. In some cases a local promotion may be less than
    your booked rate. Often a hotel will release a block of rooms being held for a
    meeting or convention at the last minute and a lower rate will be available.
    Be sure you know what your booked rate includes (breakfast, free local phone calls,
    etc.) to make sure you are getting the best rate.
    Guaranteed reservations with a credit card means that the hotel will hold the room
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    The minimum time allowed for cancellation is shown on your itinerary; the time
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    address and phone number are provided on your itinerary if the hotel is booked
    through the travel agency.
    Confirmation numbers are proof of reservation. Provide this number to the front
    desk clerk.
    Please review and initial your room rate prior to your check in

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