4. Acknowledgement

Policy # 7.002
Authority: Board Action
Original Adoption: 04/09/03
Effective Date: 04./09/03
Last Revision: Initial
This Policy Statement of the Louisiana Community and Technical College System (“LCTCS”),
sets forth some important guidelines and restrictions regarding any and all use of the LCTCS’s
Technology Resources. This policy is not exhaustive of all User and Institutional responsibilities,
but is intended to outline certain specific responsibilities that each user and institution
acknowledges, accepts and agrees to follow when using the Technology Resources provided by
and/or through the LCTCS, as well as those Technology Resources existing throughout the world
to which the LCTCS provides and/or enables access - Internet access and other computer usage.
The LCTCS provides Technology Resources for authorized Users to support the academic,
educational and administrative purposes of the LCTCS. No use of the Technology Resources
should conflict with the primary academic, educational and administrative purposes of the LCTCS
or with applicable laws and regulations. As a condition for access to the Technology Resources,
each User is personally responsible for ensuring that each and all of these guidelines are followed.
For purposes of this Policy Statement, the following definitions shall apply:
“Technology Resources” shall be defined as including all LCTCS-owned and/or licensed
information technology, Technology and related resources, which include computers, printers and
related hardware, licensed software, communications, Internet access and all other related
“User” shall be defined as any person that utilizes Technology Resources.
“Institution” shall be defined as the specific Louisiana Technical College or Community College
responsible for the Technology Resources assigned to its location.

Each User is strictly responsible for adhering to the highest standards of ethical, responsible and
considerate uses of Technology Resources, and for avoiding those uses prohibited by law or other
Each User of Technology Resources shall:
Use Technology Resources only for authorized purposes in accordance with the LCTCS’s
policies and procedures, with federal, state and local laws, and with related laws and
authorities governing the use of Technology Resources, software, email and/or similar
Maintain passwords in confidence and inform the MIS Security Office if a breach occurs
since logonids and passwords act as electronic signatures.
Maintain confidential information, particularly that prescribed by law, in accordance with
appropriate security measures.
Comply with use policies for Technology resources throughout the world to which the
LCTCS provides access.
Be considerate in the use of shared Technology Resources, coordinating with Technology
Services for “heavy use” operations that may unduly slow operations for other Users.
Accept full responsibility for any publication resulting from Technology Resources and/or
publishing Web pages and similar resources, including ensuring that all copyrights have
been authorized for use.
Each User shall NOT
Obtain or use another’s logonid or password, or otherwise access Technology Resources to
which authorization has not been validly given.
Copy, install or use any software, data files or other technology that violates a copyright or
license agreement.
Transmit or participate in chain letters, hoaxes, scams, misguided warnings, pyramid
schemes or any other fraudulent or unlawful schemes.
Utilize Technology Resources, including the Internet and/or Email, to access, create,
transmit, print or download material that is defamatory, obscene, fraudulent, harassing
(including uninvited amorous or sexual messages), threatening, incites violence, or
offensive, such as slurs, epithets, or anything that may be construed as harassment or
disparagement based on race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability,

or religious or political beliefs or to access, send, receive, or solicit sexually oriented
messages or images or any other communication prohibited by law or other directive.
Intentionally copy, download, install or distribute a computer virus, worm, “Trojan Horse”
program, or other destructive programs, or otherwise harm systems or engage in any
activity that would disrupt services, damage files, or make unauthorized modifications.
Monopolize or disproportionately use shared Technology Resources, overload systems or
networks with endless loops, interfere with others’ authorized use, degrade services or
otherwise waste computer time, connection time, disk space, printer paper or similar
Modify or reconfigure any component of Technology Resources without proper LCTCS
Accept payments, discounts, free merchandise or services in exchange for any services
provided through use of the Technology Resources, unless properly authorized by the
LCTCS; or otherwise conduct a for-profit, commercial business without properly
coordinating with LCTCS officials.
Endanger the security of any Technology Resources or attempt to circumvent any
established security measures, such as using a computer program to attempt password
Send unsolicited mass mailings or “spamming.” Mass mailings to clearly identified groups
for official purposes (for example, disseminating administrative announcements, notifying
students of educational opportunities, or LCTCS organizations sending announcements to
their members) may not be sent without proper authorization.
Transmit personal comments or statements or post information to newsgroups or Usenet
that may be mistaken as the position of the LCTCS.
Utilize Technology Resources to develop, perform and/or perpetuate any unlawful act or to
improperly disclose confidential information.
Install, store or download software from the Internet or Email to LCTCS Technology
Resources unless such conduct is consistent with the LCTCS’s academic, educational and
administrative policies or otherwise properly approved by the LCTCS.
Copy, impair or remove any software located on any Technology Resources or install any
software on any Technology Resources that impairs the function, operation and/or
efficiency of any Technology Resources.
Connect or install any unauthorized hardware or equipment including but not limited to
laptops, external drives, etc. to any Technology Resources or network access points
without prior written approval from the LCTCS Information Technology Department.

Each Institution is must develop Information Technology security procedures, tailored to the
Institution’s configuration, similar to those presented in the attached
Information Systems Security
Each Institution must submit a copy of the Institution’s Technology Security Procedures to the
Senior Vice President of Finance and Administration to be kept on file at LCTCS.
Use of the LCTCS’s Technology Resources is a privilege, not a right. LCTCS reviews and
monitors its Technology Resources for compliance with policies, applicable laws and related
directives, and discloses transactions to investigating authorities and others as warranted. Users
should not have any expectation of privacy when using and storing information on the LCTCS’s
Technology Resources and the LCTCS specifically reserves the right to review and copy any data
or other information stored on any Technology Resources, without notice to any User, by use of
forensic computers or otherwise. Violations of this policy may result in penalties, such as
terminating access to Technology Resources, LCTCS disciplinary action, civil liability and/or
criminal sanctions. All Users are specifically prohibited from encrypting files on any Technology
Resources or taking any steps that block the LCTCS’s access to files, other than the use of LCTCS
passwords, or approved encryption programs, unless such conduct is consistent with the LCTCS’s
academic, educational and administrative policies or otherwise properly approved by the LCTCS.
LCTCS may monitor all usage of the Internet on or through Technology Resources and all other
use of the LCTCS’s Technology Resources, including, without limitation, reviewing a list of any
and all sites accessed by any User and all E-mails transmitted and/or received on any Technology
Except as may specifically agreed otherwise by the LCTCS, any and all software and materials
contained on any LCTCS Technology Resources is solely owned by the LCTCS, except to the
extent that any such materials are licensed to the LCTCS by a third party vendor. Users are
forbidden from taking any action that would be in violation of any standard license agreement for
any software licensed to the LCTCS and contained on any LCTCS Technology Resources,
including without limitation, making any unauthorized copies of any such software.

Management has developed and accepted a Security Policy for the Louisiana Community and
Technical College System (LCTCS) Information Systems. Anyone requesting access to the
LCTCS’s Information Systems must read and acknowledge this statement.
Anyone granted access to LCTCS’s Information Systems is deemed an employee for
the purposes of this security statement and policy only.
If you are unsure whether an action details a security violation, you should report it
and discuss with Information Systems Personnel
Each employee is responsible for the security of LCTCS’s Information Systems.
Each employee or person accessing LCTCS’s Information Systems is bound by the
procedures, such as password and account logon procedures, detailed in the Security
Each employee should lock their workstation by a form of screensaver password, or
logout, when they are away from their workstation.
Each employee should be aware of social engineering, the manipulation of
employees to gain information for the purpose of perpetrating fraud or damage to the
Each employee should be aware that LCTCS personnel may monitor any and all
activities without your direct consent or knowledge.
I, _____________________________, acknowledge that I have received and read LCTCS’s
Security Policy. I understand the purpose of the policy and agree to abide by its terms and
conditions. I also understand that management will make an effort to inform me of additional
changes to the policy that may be made, however I am bound by these changes whether aware of
them, or not.
_____________________________ __________________
______________________________ Information
Systems Manager

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