Policy No.
    May 6, 1997*
    (*Title Updates 2/25/05)
    Academic Affairs (AA)
    Use of Delgado Community College computer learning laboratory resources is limited to
    Delgado faculty, staff, currently enrolled students, and guests authorized by the appropriate campus
    official. Use of the computing and network resources of this College is a privilege, not a right.
    Abuses of this privilege will result in the loss of such privilege. This memorandum outlines general
    computer learning laboratory guidelines, while other local guidelines specific to each computer
    learning laboratory may also be instituted at the discretion of the laboratory manager.
    To establish guidelines for the use of Delgado Community College computer learning
    Scope and Applicability
    This policy and procedures memorandum applies to Delgado faculty, staff, currently
    enrolled students, and guests authorized by the appropriate campus official.
    Laboratory Hours and Operation
    A. Laboratory hours for each semester and the names and work schedules of laboratory
    assistants are be posted near the entrance to each laboratory in a conspicuous

    AA-1455.1 May 6, 1997
    B. During laboratory hours, the laboratory assistant or individual in charge has authority
    over and responsibility for the laboratory's equipment.
    C. Before any laboratory closes, the laboratory assistant or person in charge at the time
    gives a ten-minute warning. During this ten-minute period, users are allowed ample
    time to save whatever work they are doing, logoff any network, and shut down
    computers in an orderly fashion.
    User Guidelines
    A. Use of computer learning laboratories is limited to faculty, staff, currently enrolled
    students, and guests authorized by the appropriate campus official. Anyone under
    the age of eighteen (18), unless he/she is enrolled at the College, is not be allowed
    into any computer learning laboratory.
    B. Use of the computer equipment is on a first-come-first-served basis. Computers
    cannot be reserved by students for use ahead of time. During high demand hours,
    time limitations on use may be imposed by the laboratory assistant. Policies on
    reserving computers may vary by campus or laboratory.
    C. In all open computer learning laboratories, currently enrolled students have priority of
    computer use.
    Rules for Users
    A. Generally, talking in the laboratory is distracting to other students. Low
    conversations that are not disturbing to other users are allowed.
    B. Persons causing a disturbance, mishandling the equipment, using loud speech or
    abusive language, or failing to use their computer time constructively are asked to
    leave the laboratory. The laboratory assistant is the final arbiter in all matters
    concerning the laboratory.
    C. Under no circumstances will eating, drinking or smoking be allowed in any computer
    learning laboratory. Violations of this restriction may result in loss of all computer
    learning laboratory privileges.
    D. When leaving the laboratory, all users are expected to clean work areas by removing
    all papers, disks, books, and any other items of personal property.
    E. Playing computer games is not allowed in any computer learning laboratory while
    other users are waiting to do productive work. The introduction of computer games
    to any Delgado computer fixed disk or server is strictly prohibited.

    May 6, 1997 AA-1455.1
    F. Loading or attempting to load any computer program onto a computer hard drive or
    onto a server without the express permission of the Director of Computer Services or
    his/her designee is not allowed. Likewise, tampering with, attempting to
    permanently modify, or replicate any loaded software is not allowed. Backing up or
    copying commercial software packages for which the College is liable through
    licensing agreements is considered a violation of copyright laws and violators will be
    prosecuted. The pirating of computer software is unlawful and is expressly
    G. Reasonable printing or downloading of information is permitted. Limitation on
    printing or downloading of information may be imposed by the laboratory assistant.
    H. The College's computer learning laboratory facilities are not to be used for
    developing or disseminating obscene, pornographic, or potentially libelous materials.
    Policy Reference:
    Policy and Procedures Memorandum Technology Services
    Policy and Procedures Memorandum Internet Web Pages
    Review Process:
    Committee on Academic Computing 3/5/97
    Deans' Council 4/22/97
    Executive Council 5/6/97
    Currently distributed on the College’s web site.
    Original Distribution (1997):
    Regular Faculty (HRS Codes 01 - 04)
    Regular Academic Support Staff (HRS Code 05)
    Limited Appointment Faculty (HRS Code 06)
    Adjunct Faculty (HRS Code 07)
    12-Month Unclassified Administrators/Staff (HRS Code 08)
    Classified Staff (HRS Code 09)
    Grant Employees (HRS Code 11)

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