Policy No.
    SF- 1373.1C
    December 10, 2008
    AD-1373.1B (2/15/00)
    Safety (SF)
    Delgado Community College is committed to a continuing and aggressive accident
    prevention effort at all levels and at all times in order to maintain a safe work environment
    for employees, students, and persons using College facilities. Work environment safety
    practices at the College adhere to the Safety Management Plan of the Office of State of
    Louisiana Workers' Compensation Administration, as well as nationally recognized work
    environment safety codes, standards, manuals, and guides in all areas of operation. Delgado
    Community College maintains a close liaison with the State of Louisiana Office of Risk
    Management in developing and implementing its Work Environment Safety Program.
    To publish the College's Work Environment Safety Program, which is designed to
    prevent or reduce the number of accidents and/or incidents involving injuries and loss of
    property at Delgado Community College.
    Scope and Applicability
    This policy and procedures memorandum applies to all College operating units and to
    all employees, students and visitors of the Delgado Community College.

    December 10, 2008 AD-1373.1C
    Act 520 amended Title 39 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes of 1950 to include,
    among other things, the creation of an Office of Risk Management within the State of
    Louisiana Division of Administration. This agency is responsible for implementation of
    work environment safety or loss prevention programs within all State agencies.
    In accordance with Louisiana Revised Statute 39:1527, et seq., Delgado Community
    College is required to establish a work environment safety and loss prevention program. The
    thrust of the program is to provide work environments and operating procedures that offer
    the greatest potential for preventing or reducing job-related and classroom/laboratory
    accidents, injuries, and loss of State property, thereby reducing direct and indirect costs
    related to such losses.
    Structure of the Work Environment Safety Program
    State of Louisiana
    The Bureau of Risk Analysis and Loss Prevention, created within the State of
    Louisiana Office of Risk Management by Act 520, is responsible for the
    coordination, implementation, and maintenance of the loss prevention program within
    all State agencies. The responsibility includes training incidental to facility
    inspections and accident investigations.
    Delgado Community College
    Because Delgado Community College is a multi-campus institution offering
    traditional, occupational, and technical programs, its work environment safety
    program must include provisions for physical safety at all facilities and operational
    procedures that ensure the personal safety of employees and students, and provide
    safeguards for Delgado property.
    Delgado’s commitment to work environment safety and loss prevention is
    demonstrated by the Chancellor appointing the Chief of Campus Police to serve as
    the College’s Safety Program Coordinator to oversee the program and requiring each
    Campus Provost/Site Administrator to be responsible for work environment safety on
    his/her campus or site. The Campus/Site Safety Committees have been established to
    ensure input on safety and loss prevention from all operational units of the College.

    December 10, 2008 AD-1373.1C
    College Safety Program Coordinator
    In accordance with the College’s Comprehensive Safety Program policy, the
    Chief of Campus Police is designated by the Chancellor to serve as the
    College's Safety Program Coordinator.
    Safety Council
    In accordance with the College’s Comprehensive Safety Program policy, the
    College’s Safety Program Coordinator chairs a college-wide Safety Council,
    composed of appropriate college-wide and campus/site specific
    representatives involved in the safety program and deemed appropriate by the
    Chancellor. The function of the Safety Council is to address all components of
    the college-wide safety program and make policy and procedural
    recommendations for improvements on an ongoing basis.
    Campus/Site Safety Committees
    Each academic year, in accordance with the College’s Comprehensive Safety
    Program policy, a Safety Committee is established on each campus and site,
    which is chaired by the Campus Provost/Site Administrator or his/her
    designated representative. The Campus Provost/Site Administrator or his/her
    designated representative shall also serve as the Campus/Site Safety Program
    Coordinator. Committee membership includes Division Deans or designees,
    as deemed appropriate by the Provost/Site Administrator; representatives
    from Campus Police, Maintenance, Central Utilities, if applicable; the
    campus/site SGA President; and others recommended by the Campus
    Provost/Site Administrator.
    Work Environment Safety Responsibilities
    A. The Chancellor:
    (1) Assures that accountability for work environment safety is established at all
    operational levels.
    B. As a component of the responsibilities established by the College’s Comprehensive
    Safety Program policy, the Safety Council:
    (1) Addresses work environment safety-related rules and procedures or issues as
    requested by the Campus/Site Safety Committees and/or recommended by the
    College or Campus/Site Safety Program Coordinator.

    December 10, 2008 AD-1373.1C
    C. As part of the responsibilities established by College’s Comprehensive Safety
    Program policy, the College Safety Program Coordinator:
    (1) Develops and implements a comprehensive work environment safety program
    for Delgado Community College that will:
    - Provide for regular and periodic facility and equipment inspections.
    - Ensure all accidents at the College are investigated and reported to
    proper authorities.
    - Initiate action, when required, to correct the problem(s) that caused the
    - Provide training programs on work environment safety for
    supervisors, employees, and students.
    - Promote increased work environment safety awareness by employees
    and students.
    (2) Approves the work environment safety programs for each campus/site of the
    D. The Director of Maintenance:
    (1) Makes periodic inspections of facilities at all campuses and sites.
    E. The Campus Provosts/ Site Administrator/Campus Safety Coordinator:
    (1) Establish a Campus/Site Safety Committee; the Campus Provost / Site
    Administrator or his/her designated representative chairs the committee and
    serves as the Campus/Site Safety Program Coordinator.
    (2) Coordinate and ensure that an effective campus/site work environment safety
    program is implemented and strictly followed by campus/site personnel.
    (3) Periodically include safety issues on the agenda of appropriate Campus/Site
    Committee or
    Council meetings.
    (4) Makes policy, procedures and operational recommendations to the College’s
    Safety Council, as needed.
    F. The Campus Police Office and/or Health Services Office:
    (1) Administers first aid to accident victims and arrange for medical care, if

    December 10, 2008 AD-1373.1C
    (2) Completes reports on job-related accidents and accidents involving students
    and visitors, and submits these reports to the College’s designated Risk
    Management Officer, Human Resources, College Safety Coordinator and
    appropriate Campus/Site Safety Coordinator for processing.
    G. The Risk Management Officer (designated by the Chancellor):
    (1) Processes all student, employee, and visitor accident reports and claims for
    reimbursement of expenses and forwards any related litigation to the
    appropriate agencies.
    (2) Maintains statistical data on reimbursement claims for expenses.
    H. The Accounting Office:
    (1) Processes payments for all job-related accident reports.
    (2) Maintains statistical data on workers’ compensation claims.
    I. Supervisors/Department Heads:
    (1) Assure safety procedures for work and classroom/laboratory areas are
    established, discussed, and disseminated to all employees under their
    (2) Investigate accidents and conduct job safety analyses, if appropriate, to
    determine cause of the accident and to initiate corrective action.
    J. All employees of the College:
    (1) Work in accordance with accepted work environment safety practices.
    (2) Observe work environment safety rules and regulations and report unsafe
    conditions and practices to proper authorities.
    Ensure classroom and laboratory work environment safety requirements are
    strictly followed by students.
    Report all injuries and near misses to supervisor/department head.
    It is the expectation of the College that all employees perform the above
    responsibilities. Employees may be subject to disciplinary actions and/or sanctions
    for not adhering to work environment safety program requirements.

    December 10, 2008 AD-1373.1C
    This policy and procedures memorandum cancels AD-1373.1B,
    Safety Program
    dated February 15, 2000.
    Ron D. Wright
    Policy Reference:
    Louisiana Community and Technical College System Policy #6.014, Discipline for All
    Louisiana Revised Statutes 39:1527, et seq.
    Review Process:
    Ad Hoc Safety/Emergency Program Task Force 10/7/08
    Safety Council 10/28/08
    College Council 12/10/08
    Distributed Electronically Via College's Website and Email System

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