Meritorious Commendation Award
    The Meritorious Commendation Award is intended to acknowledge full professors who have
    demonstrated continuous academic engagement. The criteria for receiving the distinction of
    Meritorious Commendation are described in the College’s Meritorious Commendation Policy. A
    professor receiving such distinction will receive a $3,000 salary increase. In addition, the professor
    will be allowed to select and attend any local or national conferences/seminar or workshop of his/her
    choice, with the following restrictions. The chosen conference/seminar/workshop:
    must relate to the professor’s teaching discipline(s);
    must be held within two (2) academic years of date of award;
    expenses (in accordance with state travel guidelines) not to exceed $2,000 will be paid by
    the College (includes registration, airfare, accommodations, and meals for recipient
    only); and
    following attendance, the professor must provide a written summary of his/her academic
    experience(s) to the Office of Faculty and Staff Development, as well as to the Office of
    the Vice Chancellor for Learning and Student Development. The professor will also
    prepare a presentation for colleagues, which will be coordinated through the Office of
    Faculty and Staff Development.
    Approved: Academic Affairs Council 7/15/04
    Chancellor’s Cabinet 8/23/04
    College Council 12/11/07

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