Kaplan University and Louisiana Community and Technical College System
    Baton Rouge Conuunity College; Bossier Parh Conuunity College; Delgado Conuunty College; L.E. Fletcher
    Technical Conuunity College; Louisiana Delta Conuunity College; Louisiana Technical College (40 campuses);
    Elaioe P. Nunez Conuunity College; River Parshes Conuunity College; South Louisiana Conuunity College;
    SOWELA Technical Conuunity College
    The purpose of this articulation parer agreement (the Agreement) is to acknowledge that students of
    Louisiana Community and Techncal College System (LCTCS) may transfer to a Kaplan University
    (KU) degree program following completion of a certificate, diploma, or associate's degree program at
    a. To be eligible for application to an advanced sta bachelor's program at KU the student enrollng
    must submit proof of
    having been awarded an associate's degree from LCTCS.
    b. Students having completed an associate's degree program consisting ofa minimum of90 quarer
    credits (or the equivalent of 60 semester credits) wil be eligible for a block transfer of
    up to 90-
    quarter credits and acceptance into KU's "advanced sta" baccalaureate option.
    c. LCTCS students must fulfill KU requirements, which entail completion of no less than 25-percent
    of their program requirments at KU, including a minimum of 50-percent of the major
    requirements, including the capstone course, at KU. Credit eared through any combination of
    Tmnsfer Credit, Challenge Credit or Experiential Credit wil not exceed 75-percent of total
    credits required for graduation.
    1. Because of this agreement to ariculate, KU wil extend professional courtesy discounts to
    LCTCS College alumni and employees concomitant with the date of this fully executed
    a. LCTCS alumni and employees wil receive a ten (10%) percent discount on their KU
    tuition. LCTCS College alumni and employees must inorm KU admissions directors about
    their affliation to receive their discount;
    b. KU wil extend to LCTCS College alumi and employees all of its online certificates,
    undergraduate, and graduate programs, as and when offered;
    2. This Agreement is effective for the KU academic term beginning with the date of the fully
    executed document, and shall continue until terminated. Both parties must approve amendments
    to the Agreement in writing.
    3. Either par may terminate the Agreement upon 90 days written notice to the other part.
    Notwithstading the foregoing, either par may terminate the Agreement imediately in the
    event that paricipation under the Agreement may give rise to a violation of any requirement of
    federal or state law or regulation or the requirements of any accrediting agency having

    DATE: Februar 2009
    Dr. Robert Bell
    Senior Vice President, Academic & Student
    Louisiana Communty and Techncal
    College System
    Greg Marino
    Operations 0 ieer, Online Operations
    Iowa College Acquisition Corp. d//a
    Kaplan University

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