Approved: September 21, 2007
    Friday, September 7, 2007 - 2:00 p.m.
    City Park Campus – Lac Maurepas (Building 23, Second Floor)
    Call to Order
    Curriculum Committee Meeting was called to order at 2:10 p.m. by
    Harold Gaspard, Chair.
    Roll Call
    Present were: Lester Adelsberg Leroy Kendrick
    Sal Anselmo Melissa LaCour
    Jennifer Bennett Anne LaVance
    Wayne Chalona Debbie Lea
    Maria Cisneros Mary Ellen Logan
    Janet Colletti Patrice Moore
    Greg Dawson Sallye Raymond
    Patricia Egers Suzanne Riche
    Harold Gaspard Dolores Smith
    Thomas Gruber Tim Stamm
    Sheila Hickman Dianne Thames
    to other business: Donna Alley Mike Nixon
    Mary Bartholomew Wesley Payne
    Ashley Chitwood Warren Puneky
    Arnel Cosey Kim Rugon
    Harolyn Cumlet Vance Roux
    Chris Doyle Deborah Skevington
    Sarah Inman Lauren Tarantino
    Cheryl Myers Elizabeth Wilson
    Vice Chancellor’s Charge for the Curriculum Committee
    Vice Chancellor Deborah Lea addressed the committee and reviewed the role, scope,
    and mission with current members.
    Curriculum Committee Functions
    The membership list, curriculum calendar, PPM: AA-1622.1D, AA.1510.1A, AA-
    1503.1, Board of Regents Policy 2.11, Policy 2.15, and Policy 2.16 were distributed and
    Updated membership lists and Curriculum Proposal Coversheet Forms
    (1510/001) were distributed.
    Minutes of the Meeting of April 13, 2007
    The Minutes of the meeting of April 13, 2007 were reviewed an accepted as written
    [Motion: Pat Egers; Second: Patrice Moore; Carried, Unanimously]
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    Approved: September 21, 2007
    Curriculum Operations Report
    Tim Stamm reported that all curriculum proposals from the April 13, 2007 meeting
    were reviewed and approved by the Vice Chancellor for Learning & Student
    Development. Most all curriculum committee actions from the 2006-2007 academic
    year were included in the 2007-2008 College Catalog with the exception of those
    requiring review and action by the Louisiana Community & Technical College System
    and the Board of Regents for Louisiana Higher Education that occurred after the
    catalog printing deadline. A suggestion was made by Lester Adelsberg to forward
    committee agendas and minutes to the catalog editor to assist in the process of catalog
    revision. Tim Stamm reminded the committee that the agenda and approved minutes
    are available for viewing on the Docushare intranet site. The proposed concentrations
    for the Administrative Office Technologies Associate of Applied Science degree
    program remain under review at the Board level. The proposed Certificate of
    Technical Studies (CTS) in Entrepreneurship has been approved by the Louisiana
    Community & Technical College System Board of Supervisors. A proposal to create
    separate and distinct concentrations in the Culinary Arts Associate of Science degree
    program was approved at LCTCS; however, was modified by the Board of Regents. As
    opposed to concentrations, the program modifications were approved as options. A
    discussion followed regarding the implications of concentrations versus options, the
    Regents definition of each, and the rationale for modification by the Board of Regents.
    General Education Initiatives
    A document, “Guide to Quality General Educational Experiences for Two Year College
    Students,” produced jointly by the Louisiana Community & Technical College System
    and The Board of Regents for Louisiana Higher Education was distributed and
    reviewed. Additional discussion regarding the classification of History courses and
    Board of Regents policy interpretation followed.
    New Business
    Science & Mathematics
    Course Revision
    : Removal of BIOL-161: Introductory Anatomy and
    Physiology and BIOL-163: Introductory Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory
    from the list of courses approved to meet Natural Sciences General Education
    Requirements. The course and laboratory counterpart, as designed, are
    applied in nature and are designed to meet the needs of occupational
    programs not designed for transfer. Motion to accept proposal
    Wayne Chalona; Second: Lester Adelsberg; Carried, Unanimously]
    Consent Agenda
    Allied Health/PTAP
    Course Revision
    : Removal of prerequisite requirement from PTAP-206:
    Clinical Science II. Students may successfully complete PTAP-206 while
    being concurrently enrolled in PTAP-205 or without having first taken the
    course. Motion to accept proposal
    [Motion: Sheila Hickman; Second: Pat
    Egers; Carried, Unanimously]
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    Approved: September 21, 2007
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    Old Business
    Next Meeting:
    September 21, 2007
    (scheduled meeting)
    2:50 p.m.

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