1. Project Title: ________________________________________________________________________________




Your Name: _________________________________________ Department:______________________________

Project Title: ________________________________________________________________________________


PROJECT CONCEPT – Attach a 1-page or less overview of your project concept, numerically (1-6) addressing:
1. How does this project fit into the college mission, goals and objectives?
2. What specific concept, training, program, etc. does the proposed project address?
3. How was the need for this program identified?

4. How will the College benefit? – i.e., equipment, new construction, curriculum development, faculty/staff development, increased enrollment, revenue, positive media, etc.
5. What will be the major project activities?
6. What is the potential impact on the College? - new staff; reallocation of existing staff; space needed; FTE, etc.

COSTS – Attach an additional page (2) outlining the following, labeling them alphabetically (A-D) addressing:

A. Estimated Resources Required – provide a cost analysis - include facility or equipment use and maintenance, staff development, marketing/outreach, utilities, supplies, travel. Analyze all needs – be prepared to write detailed specifications for equipment, purchase requisitions, position vacancy notices, as applicable.
B. Anticipated Timeline – include timeline for accomplishing goals of project, include start and ending date,
ensure sufficient time will be available to close out the grant expenditures. Develop plan for hiring personnel, purchasing, offering classes, and sequence of projected activities, as applicable.
C. Management Planidentify position responsible for managing the grant, how grant will be implemented;
include job descriptions, supervision of grant staff and other related positions, potential staff to be hired, determine if needed expertise is available at the College, include information on anticipated contracts or MOUs with other entities.
D. Facilities/ Office and Classroom Space Plan – specifically identify where the grant project will be administered and all necessary space to carry out the program. Indicate how and when space and equipment will be obtained, secured and scheduled.

FUNDING Do you know of a potential funding source(s) for this proposal? ______ Yes _______No
If Yes     Potential funding source(s) ____________________________________________________________
        Application/proposal due date ____________________ When will applicants be notified? __________
  Is multi-year funding available? _____ Yes _____ No  If yes, how many years? _______________
 Are matching funds required?  _____ Yes _____No  If yes, what percentage? _______________

If in-kind matching is possible, describe: ____________________________________________________

If No   Do you need help from the Grants Development Office in identifying funding sources? ____ Yes ___No
LEVEL OF SUPPORT Requested from Office of Grants Development
Requested:      Check all that apply:          Approved (by Grants Office):
(By Originator)  _____  Coordination of planning and writing      _____
     _____  Assistance in planning/gathering information    _____
     _____  Assistance in planning/writing sections      _____

     _____  Proposal editing/proofing

Signatures    Department Head _____________________________  Date __________________
and Reviews:    Comments, if any: __________________________________________________________
     Dean/Supervisor: _____________________________  Date __________________
     Comments, if any: _________________________________________________________
     Grants Office Review: __________________________  Date __________________

Form 6310/002 (3/18)

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