1. Delgado Community College
    3. MINUTES
      1. I. Call to Order
      2. III. Minutes of April 23, 2004
      3. IV. Debbie Lea’s Report
      4. V. Vice Chancellor’s Charge for the Curriculum Committee 2004-2005
      5. VI. Curriculum Operations
      6. VII. New Business
      7. 1) Workforce Development and Education:
      8. 2) Culinary Arts/Business and Technology:
      9. VIII. Old Business
      10. a) Liberal Arts:
      11. b) Draft 9/22/04 - Master Syllabus PPM - AA-1503.1A:

Delgado Community College



Friday, October 1, 2004 - 2:00 p.m.

City Park Campus - C.A.T.T. Conference Room (Building 10)


I.   Call to Order

Curriculum Committee Meeting was called to order at 2:05 p.m. by Harold Gaspard.


II.   Roll Call

Present were:    Lester Adelsberg        Leroy Kendrick

     Mary Bartholomew      Linda Kieffer

     Wayne Chalona        Estella Lain

     Celyn Christophe      Deborah Lea

     Arnel Cosey        Mary Ellen Logan

     Maria Cisneros        Patrice Moore

     Harolyn Cumlet        Deborah Taylor Morgan

     Jill Dapremont        Cheryl Myers

     Greg Dawson        Sallye Raymond

     Chris Doyle        Debra Redfearn

     Patricia Egers        Dolores Smith

     Harold Gaspard        Jeffery Smith

     Sheila Hickman        Lauren Tarantino

     Joan Hodge        Sonia Taylor

               Dianne Thames        

Absent/attending  Donna Alley        

to other business:    Kathleen Mix

     Mike Nixon

     Schountilez Williams


Guests were:    Peter L. Cho


III.   Minutes of April 23, 2004

Minutes of the meeting of April 23, were moved for acceptance as printed. [Mary Ellen Logan/Leroy Kendrick]     


IV.   Debbie Lea’s Report

All proposals recommended for approval by Curriculum Committee last academic year were approved by Dr. Alley. Those not requiring Board approval were printed in the 2004/2005 catalog.


Board approval was received for the following items:

New Name for the following Programs

 WAS Fire Protection Technology      NOW Fire Science Technology

 WAS Educational Interpreting for the Deaf    NOW American Sign Language Interpreting


New Program Designations

 WAS Certificate in American Sign Language  NOW Certificate of Technical  Studies in American Sign Language Studies

 WAS Associate of Science in Funeral Service Education NOW Associate of Applied Science in Funeral Service Education


LCTCS approval was received for the following items but written verification has not been received from Regents:  

  New Certificate of Technical Studies (CTS) for Fire Science Technology

  Change of A.S. to A.A.S. in Emergency Medical Technician Program (EMT-P)

  Technical Competency Area (TCA) Real Estate Sales Agent


 Currently at Regents is the A.A.S. for Veterinary Technology

 Currently at LCTCS is the TCA for Desktop Publishing and Clerical Automation


 A low completer review resulted in 5 closed programs, i.e.  

o   Machine Tool Technology (certificate and degree)

o   Carpentry Certificate

o   Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Certificate

o   Dental Laboratory Technology


Also closed are the Construction Management Certificate and Dental Hygiene Certificate.


V.   Vice Chancellor’s Charge for the Curriculum Committee 2004-2005

Dr. Jeffery Smith exhorted that members consider what is being proposed with a healthy dose of scrutiny, take their commitment seriously and scrutinize and question any irregularities to curricula and syllabi as it would affect Delgado’s mission.


VI.   Curriculum Operations

a)   Membership List (revised)

b)   Meeting Schedule (to be followed if there are proposals)

c)   Committee Charter (to be reviewed especially by new members)

d)   Committee Operating Procedures (of great importance to new members)


 Mr. Harold Gaspard initiated a round-table series of introductions, this being the first Curriculum Committee meeting for 2004/2005. New committee members were urged to familiarize themselves with the Charter and Operating Procedures. The chairman reminded members that proposals could be amended, meetings postponed, items added to the agenda, as long as there is a motion. Debbie Lea: drlea@dcc.edu acts as Secretary and should receive proposals according to the timelines established. All proposals should be submitted by March in order to meet the catalog deadline, although additional special meetings could be convened as necessary. Each meeting had a pre-set adjournment at 4:30 p.m. hence, it was necessary to begin on time. Any left over items are carried forward. Absences due to ‘attending to other business’ should be e-mailed to Dona Mesquita: dmesqu@dcc.edu who is responsible for e-mail notifications and for disseminating packets at least 7 days before each meeting.


VII.   New Business

1)   Workforce Development and Education:

Concept Proposal: new Technical Competency Area program – Management Trainee [Harolyn Cumlet /Sheila Hickman] Motion to accept proposal pending change in title to Management Trainee in General Business. Motion carried with one abstention.


2)   Culinary Arts/Business and Technology:

Concept Proposal: new Certificate of Technical Studies Program – Culinary Management [Sheila Hickman/Sonia Taylor] Motion to accept proposal. Motion carried unanimously.


3)   Debbie Lea will research the issue of transfer courses and their application in TCA.



VIII.   Old Business

a)   Liberal Arts:

Change of Prefix: SOCI 200 – Honors: Music as Culture to ANTH 200 - Music as Culture (Honors Seminar). [Deborah Taylor Morgan/Sonia Taylor] Motion to accept proposal. Motion carried unanimously.


b)   Draft 9/22/04 - Master Syllabus PPM - AA-1503.1A:

Draft to be reviewed and any suggestions and/or amendments should be e-mailed to Debbie Lea by October 15. 


IX.   Adjournment - 3:15 p.m.


X.   Next Meeting - October 22.





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