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    3. MINUTES
      1. I. Call to Order
      2. III. Minutes of Meeting – December 3, 2004
      3. IV. Debbie Lea’s Report
      4. V. New Business
      5. 1) Business, Mathematics and Technology:     
      6.  2) Culinary Arts/Business and Technology:
      7.  3) Business, Mathematics and Technology:
      8. VI. Old Business

Delgado Community College



Friday, February 11, 2005 - 2:00 p.m.

City Park Campus - C.A.T.T. Conference Room (Building 10)

I.   Call to Order

Curriculum Committee Meeting was called to order at 2:05 p.m. by Harold Gaspard, Chairman.


II.   Roll Call          

Present were:    Lester Adelsberg        Linda Kieffer            Mary Bartholomew      Estella Lain

     Celyn Christophe      Dehorah Lea

     Maria Cisneros/Janet Stephens    Mary Ellen Logan    

     Harolyn Cumlet        Kathleen Mix/C.Christophe

     Jill Dapremont        Cheryl Myers

     Greg Dawson        Mike Nixon

     Chris Doyle        Sallye Raymond

     Harold Gaspard        Dolores Smith

     Joan Hodge        Dianne Thames            Leroy Kendrick/C.Christophe    Schountilez Williams    


to other business:    Donna Alley        Patrice Moore            Wayne Chalona        Deborah Taylor Morgan

     Arnel Cosey        Debra Redfearn

     Patricia Egers        Lauren Tarantino

     Sheila Hickman        Sonia Taylor


Guests were:      Patrick Cote        Wesley Payne

       Chidi Onyenekwu      Marvin Thames    


III.   Minutes of Meeting – December 3, 2004

Minutes of the meeting of December 3, were moved for acceptance, as is.


IV.   Debbie Lea’s Report

All items recommended at the last meeting were approved by the Vice Chancellor for Learning and Student Development except for:

            General Education Course Addition

       HUMA 175 Introduction to Film History

Add to Humanities General Education Requirement Listing

  Dr. Smith’s response included the following:














Dr. Adelsberg expressed appreciation to Dr. Smith for setting the precedence of objecting ‘in writing’ to the committee’s recommendations and moved that the committee could look at future courses using this memorandum as a policy guide. [Debbie Lea/Mary Ellen Logan] Motion to accept proposal. Motion carried unanimously. The memorandum has been copied to all members.


In regard to updating the “Master Syllabi”, Debbie Lea had been receiving all current syllabi as well as requests for courses to be deleted. She will compile the requests to delete courses with a view to obtaining signatures from the relevant Deans, and then present to the Committee for authorization.


V.   New Business

1)   Business, Mathematics and Technology:          

Change of number of contact hours:

Change the number of contact hours from 30 to 45 in MSTH Pathology for Massage Therapy

to meet the new eligibility requirement for taking the National Certification Examination for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCETMB). [Estella Lain/Mary Bartholomew] Motion to accept proposal. Motion carried unanimously.


 2) Culinary Arts/Business and Technology:

New Program:

Program proposal for Certificate of Technical Studies in Culinary Management. [Greg Dawson/Estella Lain] Motion postponed until March meeting, pending amendments.


 3) Business, Mathematics and Technology:

Certificate of Technical Studies – Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

i.   Thirteen (13) New Syllabi (see attachment)

ii.   Course Description for the Catalog

iii.   Program Description for the Catalog

      iv. Curriculum

 (Item withdrawn until February 25, pending amendments)


VI. Old Business

The TCA Transfer Requirement Sub-committee had met that day and Chairman, Debbie Lea, reported that recommendations on changes to the PPM Policy No. 1447.1C Academic Diplomas and Certificates of Completion, would be submitted to Karen Laiche on Tuesday, February 15 in time to possibly present to the Committee at the February 25, meeting.


VII. Adjournment    3:25 p.m.


VIII. Next Meeting      February 25, 2005


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