Academic Procedures Resource Guide Approved 2/15/07
    Technical College Credit
    Students who have attended a campus of the Louisiana Technical College since January 1992
    may apply for credits based on work completed at the LTC prior to their enrolling at Delgado
    Community College. Faculty at Delgado Community College have reviewed the competencies
    included in these clock-hour courses and have established a crosswalk for the awarding of these
    Specific procedures have been established for the granting of college credit from non-traditional
    Students who were enrolled at Louisiana Technical College in 1992 or later will be
    awarded credit based on their coursework at the LTC using the crosswalk established by
    the faculty in the various disciplines.
    These credits are being awarded using the non-traditional credit procedures in place at the
    These credits will be listed on the student’s Delgado academic transcript as “Technical
    College Credit.”
    As with all non-traditional credit, all Technical College Credit will carry a grade of “P.”
    Specific grades are awarded only for courses transferred directly from another regionally
    accredited institution. Since the crosswalk for awarding credit from the LTC is based on
    competencies gained in more than one LTC course rather than on a course-to-course
    equivalency, it would be inappropriate to assign a letter grade for the credits awarded.
    Credits awarded are subject to the limitations on total hours of non-traditional credit and
    hours in a student’s major as listed in the College
    Students who wish to avail themselves of this avenue for earning credits should complete
    the application form which is available in the Admissions Office.
    The form must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar for processing.
    Note: Students who were enrolled at the LTC-NO on July 1, 1997
    when the institution
    merged with Delgado Community College
    will not be subject to the limits placed on the
    number of hours that can be earned and used to meet degree requirements through the non-
    traditional credit procedure.
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    Policy Reference:
    Original publication in Policy and Procedures Memorandum, DM 1440.2G,
    Procedures Manual
    , issued August 15, 1994.
    Updates Approved by Academic Affairs Council 2/15/07

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