Academic Procedures Resource Guide Approved 2/15/07
    Delgado Community College has been designated as a testing center for the College Level
    Examination Program (CLEP).
    Specific policies and procedures have been established for the granting of college credit from
    non-traditional sources:
    CLEP Policies:
    1. The general policies concerning credit from non-traditional sources are applicable.
    2. Prior to taking a CLEP examination, the student must check with the Division Dean or
    academic counselor of his/her major to confirm that the credit is applicable to the
    student’s major.
    3. The awarding of credit under CLEP is based upon two criteria:
    the standard scores recommended by the Commission on Educational Credit for
    the American Council on Education; and
    an essay graded by Delgado Community College faculty who teach in that subject
    4. Specific course credit (course title and hours credit) is awarded by the Registrar’s Office.
    5. Semester hours of credit earned by the CLEP examination are assigned a “P” grade. No
    quality points are earned. Such credit does not enter into grade point average
    6. Students who wish to transfer CLEP credits to Delgado must request that official score
    reports be sent to the Director of the Office of Testing and Assessment.
    Application for CLEP Credit Procedures:
    NOTE: The student requests that the CLEP test score(s) be sent to the Director of
    the Office of Testing and Assessment.
    STEP 1. The student requests an Application for CLEP Credit (1433/001) at the Office of
    Testing and Assessment. The approved list of courses for CLEP is checked to
    verify that CLEP credit may be used for the course(s). If the course is on the list,
    current enrollment of the student is verified.
    STEP 2. The student takes the application for CLEP credit to the Bursar’s Office and
    pays the required fee. The Bursar’s Office, upon payment, completes Part 2 and
    stamps the application “PAID.”

    Academic Procedures Resource Guide Approved 2/15/07
    STEP 3. The student returns the paid application to the Director of the Office of
    Testing and Assessment. The Director of Testing and Assessment completes Part
    3. If no essay is required and score requirements are met, the application is then
    forwarded to the Registrar’s Office by College personnel. If the student meets the
    score requirements and an essay is required, (a) the application, score report, and
    essay are forwarded to the Division Dean whose division is responsible for the
    course in which credit is requested and (b) grading of the essay is arranged.
    STEP 4. Once grading of the essay is completed, the Division Dean signs the application in
    the designated location, noting either the approval of credit to be awarded or the
    denial of credit.
    STEP 5. The Registrar’s Office verifies the student’s enrollment and processes the
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    Policy Reference:
    Original publication in Policy and Procedures Memorandum, DM 1440.2G,
    Procedures Manual
    , issued August 15, 1994.
    Updates Approved by Academic Affairs Council 2/15/07

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