Preventing Classroom
    It is your RESPONSIBILITY!
    What Can Your Professor Do if You are
    Require a meeting after class to discuss
    your disruptive behavior.
    Give you a verbal or written warning and
    forward it to the Department Chair,
    Division Dean, and the Of
    ce of Student Life
    and Judicial Affairs.
    Contact Campus Police and submit a report
    to the Of
    ce of Student Life and Judicial Af-
    fairs if you are physically or verbally abusive.
    What Happens if You are Referred to
    the Offi
    ce of Student Life and Judicial
    If the Of
    ce of Student Life and Judicial
    Affairs receives a report of misconduct, you will
    be asked to meet with the Assistant Dean of
    Student Life for a Resolution Conference. If the
    Complaint cannot be resolved through the Resolu-
    tion Conference process, the case will be referred
    to the campus Judicial Committee. If the Judicial
    nds that the allegations have merit,
    it can impose sanctions ranging from Probation
    to Expulsion from the college without privilege of
    Disruptive and disorderly conduct is a violation of
    the Student Judicial Code.
    Examples of Classroom Disruption
    Answering cell phones and having
    pagers beep.
    Interrupting lectures and talking without
    being called on.
    Leaving and entering the classroom
    without permission. (Reporting to
    class late)
    Threatening or verbally insulting the
    professor or other students.
    Borrowing text books or other class
    materials while class is in session.
    Basically just being loud and distracting.
    What Can You Do to Prevent Disruption?
    Remember that your professor has the
    right to determine what behavior is
    reasonable in his or her classroom.
    Respect your professor and fellow
    Pay attention to your professor; he or
    she has probably already told you what
    is expected of you.
    Turn off your cell phones and pagers
    (or at least set them to silent mode or
    vibrate). You can check calls and
    messages between classes.
    Take bathroom and water breaks
    between classes.
    Report to class in a timely manner.
    (come on you have 10 minutes between
    classes; you can do it!)
    This brochure has been designed by the Of
    ce of
    Student Life and Judicial Affairs to help you become
    more aware of, and avoid classroom disruptions.

    A Guide for Students at
    Delgado Community College
    What you can do to help
    Educational records including disciplinary reports, are
    protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy
    Act (FERPA) of 1974.
    For more information
    ce of Student Life
    Judicial Affairs
    (504) 483-4454

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