Policy No.
    April 4, 1995*
    *(Title Updates 11/2/10)
    DCI 1443.1 (11/2/89)
    Academic Affairs (AA)
    The policy of Delgado Community College is to withhold transcripts of students who
    have not met the requirements as described in this memorandum. The procedures for placing
    and removing holds on the transcripts of such students are also outlined in this memorandum.
    To describe the College policy for withholding the academic record (transcript) of
    Scope and Applicability
    This policy and procedures memorandum applies to all Delgado Community College
    students and College employees responsible for issuing transcripts.
    Requirements for Withholding Transcripts
    Delgado Community College will withhold transcripts on those students who have:
    1. Defaulted on their state or federally guaranteed loans secured while enrolled
    at Delgado Community College;

    April 4, 1995* AA-1443.1A
    *(Title Updates 11/2/10)
    2. Defaulted "on the repayment of an obligation to the Governor's Special
    Commission on Educational Services, or its successor, until such time as
    release is authorized by the Governor's Special Commission on Educational
    Services, or its successor" (La. R.S. 17:3351 (B)(2)(C) as amended).
    Academic transcripts are held whether the loan originated when the student
    was enrolled at Delgado or at any other institution which provides Title IV
    federal financial assistance to students;
    3. Outstanding financial obligations to the College;
    4. Failed to provide the required admissions documents to the College; or
    5. Pending disciplinary procedures.
    The only exceptions to the above policy will be made:
    1. by the Assistant Vice Chancellor/Controller, for financial holds;
    2. in writing, by the Chancellor of the College; and
    3. as required by Act 808, State of Louisiana.
    Transcripts will be issued for a student whose loan is in default if the student
    provides a letter from the Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance stating that the
    student has made acceptable payment arrangements for the defaulted loan. Such a letter
    must have a current date; a new letter must be received each time the student requests a
    transcript until the hold is removed.
    Procedures for Placing and Removing Holds
    Placing Holds on Transcripts
    The College office (Financial Assistance, Billing/Receivables, Admissions)
    responsible for informing students of these different requirements will:
    Block the on-line student academic record so that transcripts cannot be issued
    on students who have defaulted on a loan guaranteed by the state or federal
    government, have outstanding financial obligations to the College, or have
    failed to provide required admission documents to the College.
    The appropriate Student Affairs professional will notify the Registrar's Office in
    writing that a hold should be placed on a student's transcript pending the outcome of
    a disciplinary procedure.

    April 4, 1995* AA-1443.1A
    *(Title Updates 11/2/10)
    Removing Holds on Transcripts
    The Registrar's Office will remove a hold placed by the Admissions Office when a
    student submits all required admissions documents or when notified by the
    appropriate Student Affairs professional that a disciplinary procedure has been
    The Office of Student Financial Assistance will remove a hold placed by that office
    for a defaulted loan when the office is notified by the State Office of Student
    Financial Assistance that the loan has been repaid.
    The Bursar's (Cashier's) Office will remove a hold placed by that office for a
    financial reason when the financial situation is cleared up.
    This policy and procedures memorandum cancels DCI 1443.1,
    Policy for
    Withholding Transcripts
    , dated November 2, 1989.
    Policy Reference:
    La. R.S. 17:3351 (B)(2cas amended
    Review Process:
    Deans' Council 3/27/95
    Executive Council 4/4/95
    Electronic Distribution Via Intranet and E-Mail Systems

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