Please complete this application if you are seeking a stipend to develop and implement a service learning class. Faculty fellowship stipends of $500 will be awarded based on review of applications by the Service Learning Committee. If you are selected, you will be asked to participate in 2 to 3 training sessions during the current semester, during which time you will develop a syllabus and select a community partner(s) to work with the following semester. In completing this application, please keep in mind the following definition of service learning:


Service Learning at Delgado Community College is a teaching strategy that enhances student learning by community engagement. Students apply concepts and skills learned in the classroom to provide services that meet real community needs, and at the same time benefit from the knowledge imparted by the service experience. Through students’ structured reflection upon their service learning experiences, Delgado Community College seeks to prepare its students to be productive and responsible citizens.


Please send your application by email attachment to servicelearning@dcc.edu , or give to one of the service learning coordinators.


1.  Name:


2.  Campus/Division/Department:


3.  Target Course (Name and number):

4.  Email:


5.  Phone (DCC/CELL or OTHER):


6. Days/times this semester you would be available to meet:

     Note: The first training may be a full day.


7.  Ideas for service learning in your class:

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