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Service Learning mini grants are for reimbursable supplies for classroom needs to achieve learning outcomes tied to a service learning activity. Amounts awarded range from $50 to $500 per semester, based on estimated expenses described below.  These items can include art supplies, presentation supplies, photo supplies, digital storage, printing supplies, plant supplies, video/DVD supplies, etc. Service Learning mini grants can also be used as honorariums for guest speakers.


It is important to note that the recipient of the mini grant must incur the expense and then, with the assistance of one of the service learning coordinators, fill out a reimbursement requisition. The exception to this is the honorarium. For honorariums, a speaker agreement must be filled out by the speaker prior to the event.


The definition of service learning is as follows:


Service Learning at Delgado Community College is a teaching strategy that enhances student learning by community engagement. Students apply concepts and skills learned in the classroom to provide services that meet real community needs, and at the same time benefit from the knowledge imparted by the service experience. Through students’ structured reflection upon their service learning experiences, Delgado Community College seeks to prepare its students to be productive and responsible citizens.


Submit your application by email attachment to: servicelearning@dcc.edu or give to one of the service-learning coordinators.




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1.  Attach a proposal of 200 words or less which summarizes your current or proposed service-learning project. Address the following issues:


·   How will the project enhance student learning?

·   What services will students be providing to their community?

·   Which course objectives will be met?

·   How will the project be evaluated?


2.  Attach a description of expenses and their estimated costs.

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