TO: Faculty/Staff
    FROM: A.C. Eagan, III, Vice Chancellor for Business and Administrative Affairs
    DATE: April 29, 2008
    RE: Personal Printer Acquisition and Usage Directive
    To support basic printing and copying needs, State of Louisiana Information Technology Bulletin 03-12
    provides direction on the acquisition and usage of personal inkjet and personal laser printers by
    comparison to the use of shared workgroup devices. This directive supports the purchase of personal
    printers for ONLY the following categories of employees: telecommuters, employees in isolated offices,
    disabled workers, and employees who print confidential documents. Employees not in these categories
    are directed to use shared devices.
    It is Delgado’s intent to comply with the above directive. Prudent cost control measures and asset
    management practices provide further rationale to support change in our business process.
    To implement our new process, the locations of shared devices have been identified throughout all
    campuses. Delgado Office of Information Technology will be coordinating a plan to get all such devices
    connected to the Delgado network and to roll out the installation of the needed drivers to all personnel
    requiring use of the share equipment. Appropriate instruction and assistance with day to day operation
    will also be provided along with a phone number to
    devices have been fully enabled to support shared printing, we will discontinue the acquisition of personal
    printers and print cartridges on a phased basis unless exception approval has been issued. If you feel that
    you or members of your organization qualify for exception approval, please submit your request for same
    to the Vice Chancellor of Business and Administrative Affairs. Your request will be reviewed and a reply
    will be returned.
    There are several basic advantages of deployment of this practice:
    Shared devices operate at a substantially lower cost per page and reduce the total number of assets
    and associated liability and property management control costs
    Workgroup devices often perform at faster speeds and have features such as on line stapling and
    duplex that will add convenience to the operation and reduce paper consumption by using both
    sides of the page
    Networked devices will be enabled for scan to email where possible – scanning will eliminate any
    click charge along with toner and paper usage making our operation more cost efficient and
    environmentally friendly
    Many workgroup devices have a “secure print” function which prevents the device from printing
    any job unless a user assigned confidential password is entered. This function can address
    confidentiality concerns where documents carry protected content.
    Delgado will be in conformance with State of LA guidelines
    Our next steps include the implementation of network access to all shared devices and the addition of the
    needed PC software to enable use of the workgroup devices. Representatives from Xerox will be on
    campus the next few weeks to connect and configure all Xerox Multi-function devices (MFD) for
    workgroup printing. Access to all desktop computers needing to print to your MFD will be important.
    Please make arrangements with your faculty/staff, if they are not going to be on campus on the designated
    days to leave keys to their offices so that this process can be completed in a timely manner. The use of
    personal devices will be discontinued after these steps have been taken. Please call Support Services at
    504/329-6605 should you need assistance.

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