For more information, see
Delgado’s Emergency Planning, Response and Recovery Policy
Incident occurs on college site:
Notify building administrator/office.
Call Campus Police at
. If the type and/or location of hazardous
material are known, report that information.
Evacuate to an upwind location, taking class roster. Teachers take attendance after
Seal off area of leak/spill. Close doors.
Fireman or police officer in charge will determine additional shelter-in-place or
evacuation actions.
Shut off heating, cooling and ventilation systems in contaminated area to reduce the
spread of contamination.
Resume normal operations when fire officials approve.
Incident occurs near college property:
Fire department or law enforcement personnel will notify college officials.
Consider closing outside air intake, evacuating students to a safe area or sheltering
students inside the building until emergency passes or relocation is necessary.
Fireman or police officer in charge of scene will instruct college officials on the need
for sheltering or evacuation.
Follow procedures for sheltering or evacuation.
If evacuating, teachers take class rosters and take attendance after evacuation.
If evacuation is not ordered, be aware of and remain alert for any change in health
conditions of students and staff, especially respiratory problems. Seek medical
attention, if necessary.
Notify emergency contact, if students are evacuated, according to college policy
and/or guidance.
Resume normal operations when fire or law enforcement officials approve.
Extra staffing is necessary for students with special medical and/or physical needs.
Approved 12/1008

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