For more information, see
    Delgado’s Emergency Planning, Response and Recovery Policy
    Assess the situation to determine the need for post–crisis interventions for staff,
    students and families.
    Provide post–crisis briefings for staff, students and families as appropriate.
    Re–establish College and classroom routine as quickly as possible.
    Consider interventions:
    Defusing – Provide defusing sessions for students and staff as quickly as
    possible after the emergency.
    Defusings are brief conversations with individuals or small groups held soon
    after an incident to help people better understand and cope with the effects of
    the incident.
    Defusing should be conducted by trained individuals
    Debriefing – Conduct critical-incident stress debriefing (CISD) three to four
    days after the emergency.
    CISD is a formal group discussion designed to help people understand their
    reactions to the stress of an event and to give referral information. It must be
    modified for student’s developmental level.
    CISD should only be
    conducted by trained professionals.
    Counseling – Provide grief counseling.
    Provide on–going support as necessary for staff, students and families.
    Monitor and support staff.
    Provide ongoing opportunities for children to talk about their fears and
    concerns. They may have more questions as time passes.
    Identify and monitor at–risk students.
    Provide individual crisis or grief counseling, if necessary.
    Conduct outreach to homes.
    Provide follow–up referral for assessment and treatment if necessary.
    The college should identify a 24–hour contact person or agency responsible for
    post-crisis assessment and interventions.
    In the event of a tragic, highly publicized event, mental health professionals from
    federal, state and non-government agencies may respond to offer post-crisis aid.
    Effective coordination is critical. Consult with the Louisiana Community and Technical
    College System Office for support, advice and assistance in coordinating the activities
    of outside entities.
    Approved 12/10/08

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