For hurricane emergency information, see
Delgado’s Hurricane Emergency Plan
TORNADO/SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WATCH has been issued in area near College:
Monitor NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards (National Weather Service) or emergency
alert radio stations.
Bring all persons inside building(s).
Close windows.
Review tornado drill procedures and location of safe areas.
Tornado safe areas are interior hallways or rooms away from exterior walls and
windows and away from large rooms with long-span ceilings.
Review “drop and tuck" procedures with students.
TORNADO/SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING has been issued in area near
college, or a tornado has been spotted near College:
Move students and staff to safe areas.
Close classroom doors.
Teachers take class rosters.
Ensure that students are in “tuck” positions.
Teachers take attendance.
Remain in safe area until warning expires or emergency personnel have issued an
all–clear signal.
Post diagrams in each classroom showing routes to areas. Attach a building diagram
showing safe areas.
Monitor NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards and emergency alert radio stations. Stay in
Review evacuation procedures with staff.
Check relocation centers. Find an alternate relocation center if primary and
secondary centers would also be affected by severe weather.
Check transportation resources.
If college officials and emergency responders advise evacuation, do so immediately.
Teachers take class rosters.
Teachers take attendance.
Notify emergency contact according to College Policy.
Approved 12/10/08

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