For more information, see
    Delgado’s Emergency Planning, Response and Recovery Policy
    Sheltering in place provides refuge for students, staff and the public inside the
    college building during an emergency. Shelters are located in areas of the building
    that maximize the safety of inhabitants.
    Sheltering in place is used when evacuation would put people at risk (i.e., tornado,
    environmental hazard, blocked evacuation route).
    Shelter areas may change depending on the emergency.
    Identify safe areas in each college building.
    Building administrator announces that students and staff must go to shelter areas.
    Bring all persons inside building(s).
    Teachers take class rosters.
    Close all exterior doors and windows, if appropriate.
    Turn off ventilation leading outdoors, if appropriate.
    Teachers account for all students after arriving in shelter area.
    All persons remain in shelter areas until a building administrator
    or emergency responder declares that it is safe to leave.
    If all evacuation routes are blocked:
    Stay in room and close door.
    Keep air as clean as possible.
    Seal door.
    Open or close windows as appropriate.
    Limit movement and talking in room.
    Communicate your situation to administration or emergency officials by whatever
    means possible.
    Approved 12/10/08

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