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    Charter: Committee on Curriculum PPM – Policy No. AA-1622.1D
    The College Curriculum PPM – Policy No. AA-1510.1A
    (Committee Operating Procedures – Pages 11-13)
    Master Syllabus PPM – Policy No. AA-1503.1
    Board of Regents Approved Academic Degree Terms and Designations –
    Policy No. 2.11
    Board of Regents Definitions of Undergraduate Certificates and Degrees –
    Policy No. 2.15
    Board of Regents Statewide General Education Requirements – Policy
    No. 2.16
    Minutes of meeting of April 25, 2008
    Curriculum Operations Report – Tim Stamm
    General Education Initiatives – Tim Stamm
    Louisiana Community & Technical College System Initiatives – Tim Stamm
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    New Business
    Business & Technology/DPTW
    New Course:
    DPTW-100: Introduction to Tool/Shop Safety (1-2-2/45).
    Creation of a new course, DPTW-100: Introduction to Tool/Shop Safety. A
    study of tools and shop equipment commonly used by diesel technicians in
    the industry. Over 35 tools and pieces of equipment will be covered
    including: hand tools, air tools, precision measuring tools, lifting equipment,
    and engine rebuilding tools.
    Business & Technology/DPTW
    New Course:
    DPTW-101: Introduction to Diesels (2-2-3/60). Creation of a
    new course, DPTW-101: Introduction to Diesels. A detailed study of diesel
    operating principles and how diesel engines differ form other types of
    internal combustion engines. Includes troubleshooting, maintenance, and
    testing of fuel pumps, fuel filters, and nozzles. Emphasizes importance of
    fuel filtration, selection, and care in handling.
    Business & Technology/DPTW
    New Course:
    DPTW-103: Preventative Maintenance Inspection (2-2-3/60).
    Creation of a new course, DPTW-103: Preventative Maintenance Inspection.
    Study of vehicle/equipment inspections and practices, preventive
    maintenance scheduling, inspection utilizing special tooling, minor
    adjustments, and repair will be covered. Diagnosis and repairs will be
    performed on various manufacturers’ equipment and components. Co-
    requisite: DPTW-101: Introduction to Diesels or Permission of Instructor.
    Business & Technology/DPTW
    New Course:
    DPTW-120: Diesel Engine Overhaul (2-4-4/90). Creation of a
    new course, DPTW-120: Diesel Engine Overhaul. Study of the diesel fueled
    internal combustion engine and its subsystems, to include: air intake and
    exhaust, lubrication, cooling and basic fuel injection. Complete disassembly
    and reassembly and final tune-up. Diagnosis of system malfunction. Basic
    failure analysis. Troubleshooting of control/support systems. Dyamometer
    testing of engines. Diagnosis and repairs will be performed on various
    manufacturers’ equipment and components. Safety will be strictly enforced.
    Business & Technology/DPTW
    New Course:
    DPTW-121 Fuel Systems (2-2-3/60). Creation of a new course,
    DPTW-121: Fuel Systems. Study of the theory and operation of diesel fuel
    inspection equipment. Transfer pumps, distributor injection pumps, in-line
    injection pumps, injection and injection nozzles, governors, air fuel ratio
    controls, and mechanical electrical H.E.U.I systems will be covered.
    Diagnosis and repairs will be performed on various manufacturer equipment
    and components.
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    Business & Technology/DPTW
    New Course:
    DPTW-130: Basic Electrical/Electronic Systems (2-2-3/60).
    Creation of a new course, DPTW-130: Basic Electrical/Electronic Systems.
    Introduces diesel electrical/electronic systems. Covers the basic theories of
    electricity and electronics, using test equipment, types of electrical circuits,
    circuit faults, wiring components, batteries, and wiring diagrams.
    Business & Technology/DPTW
    New Course:
    DPTW-170: Natural Gas Engine Theory (2-4-4/90). Creation
    of a new course, DPTW-170: Natural Gas Engine Theory. Course is designed
    to cover principles and service procedures for natural gas engine and
    equipment pertinent to the natural gas industry. Course will cover fuels,
    ignition systems, combustion, lean combustion theory, exhaust gas analysis,
    lubrication systems, cooling systems, mouthing and alignment, and gas
    compression concepts.
    Business & Technology/DPTW
    Final Approval of Curriculum
    : Certificate of Technical Studies in Diesel
    Power Technology. Approve the curriculum and catalog description for the
    Certificate of Technical Studies in Diesel Power Technology. Description:
    The Certificate of Technical of Studies in Diesel Power Technology is to
    prepare the graduate for a career in the operation, repair, and maintenance
    of diesel/multi-fuel industrial and consumer use engines and equipment.
    Consent Agenda
    Allied Health/HESC
    Change of Course Prerequisite Requirements
    : HESC-118: Information
    Management for Allied Health Professionals. Removal of prerequisite
    requirement of HESC-111: Medical Terminology from HESC-118:
    Information Management for Allied Health Professionals. Prerequisite
    knowledge of Medical Terminology is not required for success in HESC-118.
    Old Business
    Next Meeting:
    September 26, 2008
    (Scheduled Meeting).
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