Policy # 1.036
    Title: Cross Enrollment Agreement between System Institutions
    : Board Action
    Original Adoption
    : July 9, 2003
    Effective Date
    : July 9, 2003
    Last Revision
    : Initial
    Louisiana Community and Technical College (LCTCS)
    Cross-Enrollment Agreement between System Institutions
    This cross-enrollment policy is to establish a process that will allow a LCTCS student to dually
    enroll in another LCTCS institution. This cross-enrollment policy will enhance the educational
    opportunities of LCTCS students.
    Specifically, the following guidelines for the cross-enrollment agreement:
    a student would be eligible to take one course at the host institution for each course
    taken at the home institution, with a maximum of two courses taken at the host
    institution; (see visiting/cross-enrolled students also guest students)
    the home institution would be responsible for assuring that the student met all
    prerequisites for the course(s) approved for cross registration;
    a student would not be allowed to enroll at the host institution for any course offered
    at the home institution during the semester of the cross enrollment; exceptions to this
    policy would require the permission of the appropriate academic or instructional dean
    of the home institution;
    a cross-enrolled student would follow the academic calendar and academic policies of
    the host institution in all would assume responsibility for becoming familiar with said
    calendar and policies;
    a cross-enrolled student would be eligible for a host institution student identification
    to have access to the technology lab, library facilities, etc. at the host institution;
    a student who cross-enrolls at an institution requiring a parking permit the student
    will have to purchase a parking permit from the host institution;
    a student would register and pay tuition/fees at the home institution for courses taken
    a both institutions; the student would then register at the host institution for the

    approved courses using a “Cross-Enrollment” form, the home would get the
    headcount and the host institution would the SCH;
    a student would pay any additional fees at the host institution, i.e., lab fees, but would
    pay no application nor tuition at the host institution;
    immediately following 14
    day (regular fall or spring semester) or 7
    day (summer),
    the registrars of the two institutions would exchange list of students cross-enrolled at
    their institutions for the propose of state and federal reporting;
    exchange of tuition agreements will be made between institutions when
    one institution is offering a course on the campus of another institution;
    the course at the host institution is primarily filled with guest students, and
    in any other situation where the host institution would incur costs above the
    revenue generated by that course;
    federal financial assistance will be awarded by student’s home institution based on
    the hours taken at both institutions;
    copies of each institution’s semester class schedule would be made available to the
    registrar of the cooperating institutions as soon as the schedule is published each
    Definition of Terms:
    Cross Enrollment:
    a form of Concurrent Enrollment that refers to arrangements whereby a
    student can be enrolled at one postsecondary institution but can also be taking classes at another
    postsecondary institution.
    Host/Visiting Institution (Visiting/Cross-Enrolled Students):
    students enrolled in one or
    more courses at the institution but whose Home Campus is another institution. The Home
    Institution is the college designated to award the formal credential being sought by the student.
    Home Institution:
    as applied to Guest Students, the college in which the student is pursuing a
    long-term educational plan. The Home Institution is the college from which the student is
    seeking a formal credential.

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