Required Certification Letter
This template contains all of the required certification language under
Louisiana Revised Statute Title 39:1497 for contracts in excess of $5,000.

Ms. Pamela Bartfay Rice, Esq.
Assistant Director, Professional Contracts

DOA Office of State Procurement
P.O. Box 94095
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9095
RE: _________________________ (Name of Contractor)

Dear Ms. Rice:
In reference to the enclosed contract, pursuant to La. R.S. 39:1623, we do certify the following:

1. Either no employee of our agency is both competent and available to perform the services called for by the proposed contract or the services called for are not the type readily susceptible of being performed by persons who are employed by the state on a continuing basis;
2. The services are not available as a product of a prior or existing professional, personal, consulting, or social services contract;
3. When applicable, the requirements for consulting or social services contracts, as provided for under Louisiana Revised Statutes Title 39:1595(B), have been complied with.
4. Delgado Community College (Office/Department of _____________) has developed and fully intends to implement a written plan providing for:
o a. The assignment of (Job Title/ Name, or successor) to a monitoring and liaison function; and
o b. The periodic review of interim reports or other indicia of performance to date; and
o c. The ultimate use of the final product of the services.
5. A cost-benefit analysis has been conducted which indicates that obtaining such services from the private sector is more cost-effective than providing such services by the agency itself or by an agreement with another state agency and includes both a short-term and long-term analysis and is available for review.
6. The cost basis for the proposed contract is justified and reasonable.
7. A description of the specific goals and objectives, deliverables, performance measures and a plan for monitoring the services to be provided are contained in the proposed contract.
8. An inquiry has been conducted to determine if the contract outsources a key internal control of the agency. The results have been documented in the agency’s files and are available for review, upon request. If warranted, the RFP and contract have included provisions which address the need for assurances and/or monitoring of the key internal control.
9. The Board of Regents has been notified in accordance with R.S. 39:136 of services that are the type readily susceptible of being performed by persons who are employed by or who are students of a postsecondary institution of the state.

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