1. Authorization for Special Travel Circumstances
      1. Destination        Dates of Travel
      2. sdfsd
      3. sdfsd

Authorization for Special Travel Circumstances

Employee     Date

Title                Division/Dept

Destination              Dates of Travel
I request approval for the following special travel circumstances:
Check all that apply:

Vehicle Rental for Out-of-State Conference/Meeting Travel
Provide Justification Below:


Other Special Expenses as per Delgado Travel Procedures (Alternative transportation mode other than air travel, etc.) – Provide Justification Below:



Travel Expense Sponsored by Other Entities
(Complete, sign, and attach Board of Ethics Form 413 as per Delgado Travel Procedures . If approved by Chancellor, employee is responsible to submit certification to Board of Ethics within required timeline.) – Provide Justification Below on how travel directly benefits the College and/or will enhance employee’s knowledge or skills as it relates to the performance of his or her job duties. Include name and contact information of entity/vendor/potential vendor paying for the travel expense:

I certify that these expenses are necessary for college operations. I understand that I must submit required certifications or submit additional documentation, if applicable. I am also prepared to document and justify in the event of auditor’s request.
Employee’s Signature
1.  Approved: _________________________________________________________
     Immediate Supervisor          Date
2.  Approved: _________________________________________________________
     Vice Chancellor/Executive Dean/Dean (as appropriate)  Date

3. Verification of State Travel Regulations Applied:

     Accounts Payable Office – Travel Specialist    Date
4,.  Approved: _________________________________________________________
     Chancellor            Date

Form 1380/004 (7/19 revised)

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