Policy # 1.038
    Title: Rights, Duties and Responsibilities of the Academic Staff
    : Board Action
    Original Adoption
    : September 10, 2003
    Effective Date
    : September 10, 2003
    Last Revision
    : Initial
    A. Academic Freedom. The Louisiana Community and Technical College System is
    committed to the principle of academic freedom. The principle acknowledges the right of
    a teacher to explore fully within the field of his/her subject as he/she believes to represent
    the truth. The principle also includes the right of a member of the academic staff of the
    System to exercise in speaking, writing, and action outside the System the ordinary rights
    of the American citizen, but it does not decrease the responsibility and accountability
    which the member of the academic staff bears to the system, the state, and the nation.
    Among the many implicit responsibilities which must be assumed by those enjoying the
    privileges of academic freedom shall be that of refraining from insisting upon the
    adoption by students or others of any particular point of view as authoritative in
    controversial issues.
    B. Duties of Academic Staff. Each member of the academic staff is expected to be devoted
    to the accomplishment of the purposes for which the System exists: instruction,
    workforce and economic development, and public service. Those members of the
    academic staff who comprise the faculty of the System are charged to determine the
    educational policy of the System through deliberative action in their respective units and
    C. Responsibilities of Academic Staff. It is a basic principle that every member of the
    academic staff, of whatever rank, shall be held responsible for competent and effective
    performance of his/her duties.

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