1. TITLE:  Payments and Refunds for Workforce Development Non-Credit Courses

                                               POLICY No. WFD-001


TITLE:   Payments and Refunds for Workforce Development Non-Credit Courses

EFFECTIVE DATE:   June 16, 2021

RESPONSIBLE  Workforce Development

CANCELLATION:   WFD-001 Payments and Refunds for Workforce Development and Technical Education Non-Credit Courses (5-15-24)




1.  Purpose

To publish the payment and refund policy and procedures for non-credit courses conducted through Workforce Development.

2.  Scope and Applicability


This policy applies to payments and refunds for non-credit courses offered by Workforce Development. Any contracts and/or agreements for training conducted by Workforce Development may supersede this policy.
3.  Registration and Refund Guidelines for Students


A.  Students are automatically considered enrolled in a non-credit class when they submit a registration for the class and payment has been made. Registration is not guaranteed until tuition has been paid, particularly for high-demand classes.

B.  100% refund will be granted if the student drops the class at least five (5) business days before the start date. The term “refund” refers to reversing the charges associated with the registration.
C.  Students may transfer enrollment from one non-credit course to another up to the start date of the new enrollment without penalty. Previous unused payment will be transferred to the new course.

D.   Any type of refund may require up to approximately six (6) weeks for processing. The College is a state agency, and therefore, all refunds must be substantiated in writing and are subject to review by the State of Louisiana Office of the Legislative Auditor.

E.   Nonattendance does not constitute dropping a class. If the student does not submit a drop request, they will have a financial obligation to the College regardless of attendance.

F.   No drop requests and associated refunds will be granted after the five-day drop period has passed.

·   Refund Appeals might be granted on a case-by-case basis in the event of certain documented emergencies. A completed Workforce Development Non-Credit Refund Request Form (Form WFD-001/01), with supporting documentation, must be submitted in writing to the appropriate department within 30 days of the course end date.
·   A Non-Credit Refund Committee, comprised of appointed Workforce Development representatives (department heads or their designees), will evaluate the requests on a monthly basis. Decisions of this committee shall be considered final and not eligible for appeal.

G.   100% refunds are automatically processed if a class is cancelled by Delgado.

·   Students will be notified when a class is cancelled by the College prior to the scheduled starting date. All efforts will be made to provide notice of cancellation at least three (3) business days before start date of course.
·   A written request from the student is not required to process a refund in this instance.

4. Processing Refunds
A. The College has partnered with a third-party vendor to deliver refunds to students. Information on how refunds are processed, including refund options for students, is published on the College’s Refunds  webpage. 
B. Refunds automatically process when a student is dropped from the non-credit course within the 100% refund period as stated above. Any amounts paid in advance will be refunded based on the published Refund Schedule .
C. Refund requests approved by the Committee, and all supporting documentation, will be forwarded to Delgado’s Accounts Receivable Department for processing.
5. Payment Guidelines for Students
A. If a student has any outstanding balance, Delgado reserves the right to withhold future services including but not limited to registration, transcript requests, issuing diplomas, use of facilities, and other services as deemed appropriate by the College.
B. Failure to pay any balance in full by the end of the class may result in the account being placed with the State of Louisiana Attorney General’s Office or another outside agency for collection. Students will be responsible for all collection and/or legal fees associated with accounts placed for collection.
C. An NSF Fee will be assessed for all dishonored checks. The fee is $25 or five percent (5%) of the amount of the returned check, whichever is greater. Online dishonored credit card or ACH payments will be charged a $25 fee, which must be paid directly to the College’s online service provider. Students who make dishonored payments may lose the privilege and convenience to pay with a check and/or pay online, including the eligibility to enroll in the payment plan.
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Review Process:
Ad Hoc Committee on WFD Non-Credit Payment and Refunds Policy