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Disability Services Testing Accommodations Form (Form 1468/002)
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  • Page of The Office of Advising and Testing DISABILITY SERVICES TESTING ACCOMMODATIONS FORM This form must accompany all tests to be given in the Special Populations Testing Area (City Park Campus, Building 2, Room 302) Student’s Name Student ID Number Instructor’s Name Building #/Room# Instructor’s Phone Course Prefix/Section Number AIDS ALLOWED: No aids will be permitted unless specifically authorized.
  • Calculator Dictionary Scantron 882E/ES(green,1-100,A-E) Notes Translation Device/Book Scantron 2052 (blue, 1-100, 1-5) Note card 3”X 5” 4”X 6” Blue Book Scantron F-165(red, 1-100, A-E) 5”X 7” NCS ScanForm 19641 Other Textbook Scantron 881E/ES (green, 1-50, A-E) SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Finish by this date/time: Method of Exam Delivery: ...
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