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Graduation Procedures
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  • Academic Procedures Resource GuideApproved 2/ 15/ 07 1 GRADUATION PROCEDURES GRADUATION CHECK- OUT PROCEDURES FORM 1413/ 003 At the time a student applies for graduation, he/ she must be enrolled at Delgado Community College.
  • APPLICATION FOR GRADUATION Students are encouraged to apply for graduation at any time prior to their last semester at Delgado.
  • substitutions, catalog changes, etc.). Additionally, the Office prepares a Checklist for Potential Graduates ( Graduation CheckOut List), which notes any pending courses required to complete degree requirements.
  • Academic Procedures Resource GuideApproved 2/ 15/ 07 3 CODING PROCEDURESAfter a degree check- out has been performed, the student is coded in the system as follows:5 = Student ...
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