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Change/Addition of Major Form (Form 1442/010)
PDF VERSION of Form to request change of major, adding a second major, and/or changing from non-degree seeking status to degree seeking status
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  • ____ City Park Campus ____ West Bank Campus ____ School of Nursing ____ Northshore- Slidell ____ Northshore- Covington CHANGE/ ADDITION OF MAJOR FORM (Includes Change from Non- Degree to Degree- Seeking Status)Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________LastFirstMiddle Student ID #: __________-_____________-__________ Telephone #: (________)________________________________I have applied for financial assistance for____ Fall_____ Spring_____ ... I understand that when I change my major, I am also changing to the graduation requirements in the CURRENT College Catalog.
  • Plan attached:_____ yesAdvisor’s Signature: _____________________________________ I understand that I may not ...
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1442-010 Change of Major Form 4-18-18.pdf
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