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  Document Faculty Qualifications Verification Summary (Form 2122/007) New klaich 09/28/23 47 KB
  Document Substantive Change Review Form (Form 1510/002) klaich 09/25/23 46 KB
  Document Delgado Immunization Requirements Form 9-23.pdf klaich 09/20/23 138 KB
  Document Excellence in Teaching Award Nomination Acceptance Form (Form 2230/001) klaich 09/06/23 179 KB
  Document Access Card Request Form (Form 1370/002) klaich 08/08/23 318 KB
  Document Catalog Change Submission Form

Form used for submitting requested catalog changes.

klaich 08/06/23 187 KB
  Document Promotion-In-Rank Timeline 2023-2024

Current Academic Year Timeline for Promotion-in-Rank Process

klaich 07/18/23 100 KB
  Document Salary Deferred Pay Option Plan Form 2023-2024 klaich 07/05/23 66 KB
  Document Mobile Communications Agreement and Request Form (BAA-E01/001) klaich 06/12/23 193 KB
  Document Receiving Report (Daily Storeroom Material Receiving Report) Form No. 14 klaich 06/12/23 27 KB
  Document Daily Storeroom Material Receiving Report (Form No. 14) klaich 06/12/23 27 KB
  Document Custody Receipt - Property Removal Pass (Form 1352/001) klaich 06/12/23 133 KB
  Document Fundraising Request Form (Form 6313/002) klaich 06/12/23 76 KB
  Document Donation of Movable Property Form (Form 3050/001)

(Note: All movable property donations must be handled in accordance with State of Louisiana Property Guidelines and the College's Management and Control of State Property policy and procedures.)

klaich 06/12/23 115 KB
  Document Delgado Building Inspection Checklist klaich 06/12/23 51 KB
  Document Hazardous Material Survey Form (Form 1373/001) klaich 06/12/23 79 KB
  Document Non-Credit Course Creation Request klaich 05/26/23 247 KB
  Document LCTCS Unclassified Staff Evaluation and Planning Form 4-23 Fillable PDF klaich 05/23/23 316 KB
  Document Forms - Unclassified Faculty Staff Position Description Form klaich 05/19/23 65 KB
  Document Oral and Written Proficiency Form (Form 2122/004) klaich 05/15/23 12 KB
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