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  URL Office of State Travel

Web site for all State of Louisiana Travel Regulations

klaich 12/18/03 0
  Document Appeal for Transfer-Suspension Admission (Form 1411/008) klaich 05/07/07 52 KB
  Document Batch Cover Work-Study Timesheets klaich 04/26/02 37 KB
  Document Bookstore Charge Form (Form 1504/002) klaich 04/26/02 27 KB
  Document Budget Revision Request klaich 01/29/13 70 KB
  Document Consent to Release Information for Person with Disability (Form 1468/001)

klaich 01/06/23 21 KB
  Document Contract for Professional, Personal, or Consulting Services (Form 3311/001) klaich 05/02/22 901 KB
  Document Curriculum Proposal Cover Sheet (Form 1510/001) klaich 08/27/21 50 KB
  Document Employee Request for Educational Leave to Attend Class (1412/001) klaich 02/24/21 173 KB
  Document Employee Request for Tuition Exemption (Form 1412/002) klaich 02/24/21 90 KB
  Document Employee Request for Tuition Reduction (1412/003) klaich 02/24/21 182 KB
  Document Leave Request Form (Form 2400/001) klaich 08/24/22 64 KB
  Document Maintenance Work Order (Form No. 1330/001) klaich 01/29/13 30 KB
  Document Request for Change of College Catalog for Degree or Certificate Requirements (Form 1413/002)

PDF VERSION of form to change catalog for degree or certificate requirements

klaich 02/19/13 66 KB
  Document Request to Create Account (Form 3300/001) klaich 02/07/23 163 KB
  Document Proposal for Use of Student Technology Enhancement Program (STEP) Fee (Form 1837/001) klaich 09/28/17 52 KB
  Document Daily Storeroom Material Receiving Report (Form No. 14) klaich 06/12/23 27 KB
  Document Departmental Supplies Requisition (Form 3323/001) klaich 02/17/12 52 KB
  Document Pager Contract Form

OTM Pager Contract Form for Delgado Employees

klaich 06/11/02 23 KB
  Document Personnel Action Form (Form 2200/002)

This form is required for all internal transfers, separations, and changes in salary or classification.

klaich 05/12/21 227 KB
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