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  Type Title Owner Modified Date Size   Actions
  Document FA-003, 100 Financial Aid Reconciliation Meeting Recap Template Form klaich 03/19/21 12 KB
  Document Catalog Change Submission Form

Form used for submitting requested catalog changes.

klaich 09/01/22 16 KB
  Document Contracts for Professional, Personal, Consulting and Social Services Sample Certification Letter klaich 09/25/18 17 KB
  Document Departmental Bookstore Charge Form (Form 3323/002) klaich 03/10/20 18 KB
  Document Office Hours Form (Faculty/Staff Schedule Form)

Form that may be used by faculty or staff to post class and/or office hours.

klaich 01/06/23 19 KB
  Document Telephone Reference Sample Form klaich 07/08/11 19 KB
  Document Grant and Proposal Routing Form (Form 6310/001) New klaich 02/06/23 20 KB
  Document Accident/Incident (Employees) Post Analysis Reporting Form (Form DA 2000)

Form used for accidents involving EMPLOYEES of the College as part of the Louisiana Office of Risk Management's safety program.

klaich 10/04/17 21 KB
  Document Driver Authorization Form (Form DA 2054) klaich 08/13/13 21 KB
  Document Delgado Building Inspection Checklist klaich 12/19/14 21 KB
  Document Consent to Release Information for Person with Disability (Form 1468/001)

klaich 01/06/23 21 KB
  Document Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials (Form 1451/001) klaich 01/06/23 22 KB
  Document Pager Contract Form

OTM Pager Contract Form for Delgado Employees

klaich 06/11/02 23 KB
  Document English Language Proficiency Report Form (Word Version) klaich 08/02/21 23 KB
  Document Liberty Bank Sponsored Professional Development 'Best Practices Series' Grant Application klaich 08/11/21 24 KB
  Document Change/Addition of Major Form (Form 1442/010)

PDF VERSION of Form to request change of major, adding a second major, and/or changing from non-degree seeking status to degree seeking status

klaich 04/19/18 24 KB
  Document Oral and Written Proficiency Form (Form 2122/004) klaich 04/25/22 25 KB
  Document Faculty Evaluation- Sample Formative Evaluation Form klaich 09/10/12 26 KB
  Document Bookstore Charge Form (Form 1504/002) klaich 04/26/02 27 KB
  Document Notification of Problem Form (Form 2534/001) klaich 08/01/17 28 KB
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