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  Document FA-003, 100 Financial Aid Reconciliation Meeting Recap Template Form klaich 03/19/21 12 KB
  Document Oral and Written Proficiency Form (Form 2122/004) klaich 05/15/23 12 KB
  Document Contracts for Professional, Personal, Consulting and Social Services Sample Certification Letter klaich 09/25/18 17 KB
  Document Departmental Bookstore Charge Form (Form 3323/002) klaich 03/10/20 18 KB
  Document Office Hours Form (Faculty/Staff Schedule Form)

Form that may be used by faculty or staff to post class and/or office hours.

klaich 01/06/23 19 KB
  Document Request for Permission to Serve Alcohol (Form 1475/001)

Form for requesting alcohol to be served at student functions (as per Policy and Procedures Memorandum SA-1475.1C, "Alcoholic Beverages at Student Functions"

klaich 03/10/23 19 KB
  Document Telephone Reference Sample Form klaich 07/08/11 19 KB
  Document Consent to Release Information for Person with Disability (Form 1468/001)

klaich 01/06/23 21 KB
  Document Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials (Form 1451/001) klaich 01/06/23 22 KB
  Document Pager Contract Form

OTM Pager Contract Form for Delgado Employees

klaich 06/11/02 23 KB
  Document English Language Proficiency Report Form (Word Version) klaich 08/02/21 23 KB
  Document Liberty Bank Sponsored Professional Development 'Best Practices Series' Grant Application klaich 08/11/21 24 KB
  Document Change/Addition of Major Form (Form 1442/010)

PDF VERSION of Form to request change of major, adding a second major, and/or changing from non-degree seeking status to degree seeking status

klaich 04/19/18 24 KB
  Document Driver Authorization Form (Form DA 2054) klaich 02/24/23 25 KB
  Document Faculty Evaluation- Sample Formative Evaluation Form klaich 09/10/12 26 KB
  Document Bookstore Charge Form (Form 1504/002) klaich 04/26/02 27 KB
  Document Receiving Report (Daily Storeroom Material Receiving Report) Form No. 14 klaich 06/12/23 27 KB
  Document Daily Storeroom Material Receiving Report (Form No. 14) klaich 06/12/23 27 KB
  Document Notification of Problem Form (Form 2534/001) klaich 08/01/17 28 KB
  Document Reimbursement for Personally-Owned Vehicle Use (DA MV7)

State of Louisiana, Division of Administration Form Required for Reimbursement for Mileage When Using Personally-Owned Vehicle for Official College Business

klaich 03/31/03 29 KB
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