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  Type   Title Owner Modified Date Size Actions
  Document Workforce Development Non-Credit Course Refund Request Form (WFD-001/01) klaich 06/16/21 40 KB
  Document Withdrawal From College Form (Form 1442/003) klaich 04/18/23 215 KB
  Document Web Site Content Management System (CMS) Authorized User Agreement(Form 1823/001)

Form required for Authorized Content Management System (CMS) Users regarding their responsibilities in posting content on behalf of their divisions/departments

klaich 09/22/09 49 KB
  Document Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability Form - LCTCS

Voluntary Self-Identification ADA Form

klaich 10/11/22 756 KB
  Document Violence Incident Statement klaich 05/15/07 31 KB
  Document Verification of Employment Form klaich 12/14/10 38 KB
  Document Vehicle Rental Request Form (Form 1380/005)

Form used by employees when they prefer Controller's Office to reserve rental vehicle for authorized business travel (rather than employee reserving vehicle rental directly through Enterprise at 1-800-Rent-A-Car).

klaich 07/19/18 45 KB
  Document Vehicle (Delgado Vehicle) Request Form (Form 1382/001)

Form used to request use of a Delgado vehicle

klaich 09/12/22 66 KB
  Document Unclassified Faculty Staff Position Description Form (Form 2200/005) klaich 02/02/22 53 KB
  Document Unclassified Employee Problem Solving Form (Form 2534/014) klaich 12/19/12 61 KB
  Document Tuition Increase/ Fee Hardship Appeal Form (Form 1412/011) klaich 04/22/08 47 KB
  Document TRSL Name Change Request Form

Form used to make a change or request with Teachers Retirement System of Louisiana (TRSL)

klaich 12/15/10 55 KB
  Document TRSL Enrollment Application/Notification Form

Form used to enroll in Teachers Retirement System of Louisiana

klaich 12/15/10 84 KB
  Document Transcript Request Form klaich 01/11/17 115 KB
  Document Third Party Sponsor Payment Request klaich 11/03/20 181 KB
  Document Temporary Property Storage Form (Form 1352/003) klaich 06/24/20 217 KB
  Document Telephone Reference Sample Form klaich 07/08/11 19 KB
  Document Technical Division Work Experience Education Student Incident/Accident Report Form klaich 07/16/19 51 KB
  Document Summer Service Employment Form for Nine-Month Full-Time Faculty (Form 2123/001) klaich 02/29/16 61 KB
  Document Summer Schedule Temporary Virtual Work AGREEMENT for Full-time, Non-Faculty Employees (5-30 to 6-30) LINK PAGE.pdf klaich 05/19/22 81 KB
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