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  Document BAA-A01 Petty Cash Funds klaich 03/07/18 160 KB
  Document BAA-A02 Controller's Office: Cash Handling Procedures klaich 10/04/18 274 KB
  Document BAA-A03 Student Organization Off-Campus Bank Accounts klaich 04/22/08 22 KB
  Document BAA-A04 Identity Theft Prevention Program klaich 11/05/18 239 KB
  Document BAA-A05 Controller’s Office: Cashier Shortages and Overages klaich 10/04/18 232 KB
  Document BAA-C01 Unclaimed Property klaich 04/04/18 37 KB
  Document BAA-D01 Accounts Receivable and Collection Procedures klaich 06/01/18 82 KB
  Document BAA-D02 Temporary Override of Student Collection Credit Holds for Non-Credit Third-Party Billing klaich 12/01/11 90 KB
  Document BAA-E01 Mobile/Electronic Messaging Devices klaich 06/18/14 116 KB
  Document BAA-E02 Accounts Payable Procedures klaich 03/07/18 178 KB
  Document BAA-F02 Travel Card/Controlled Billed Account (CBA) Policy klaich 10/11/18 1 MB
  Document BAA-F03* Athletic Travel

Policy and procedures regarding travel by student athletes and Athletic Department staff. (*Initially issued as BAA-F02 in 2008)

klaich 10/01/15 161 KB
  Document BAA-G02 Legislatively Mandated Tuition and Fee Waivers & Tuition and Fee Waivers for Active City of New Orleans Police Officers and Firefighters klaich 10/10/19 95 KB
  Document BAA-G02 Tuition and Fee Waiver Table

In accordance with BAA-G02 policy

klaich 10/10/19 31 KB
  Document BAA-G03 Tuition Increase/ Fee Hardship Appeals klaich 08/10/16 120 KB
  Document BAA-G04 Tuition and Fee Adjustment Schedule Guidelines klaich 03/17/15 146 KB
  Document BAA-G05 Return of Unearned Military Tuition Assistance (TA) klaich 10/09/19 131 KB
  Document BAA-K01 Direct Deposit of Biweekly Net Pay klaich 02/15/18 240 KB
  Document BAA-K02 Payroll Procedures klaich 03/07/18 280 KB
  Document BAA-L01 Procedures for Ensuring Civil Service Certification & Internal Control klaich 01/20/10 25 KB