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  Document Childcare Promissary Note klaich 01/14/04 29 KB
  Document BAA-Q01 Procedures for Handling Card Access System Malfunction klaich 02/19/04 35 KB
  Document Petty Cash Memorandum 4/5/06

Memorandum to Petty Cash Custodians and Bursar's Office Staff regarding the College's policy on cashing of convenience checks by employees or students.

klaich 05/11/06 68 KB
  Document Property Location Supervisors Training Memo dated 3/17/2008 klaich 03/18/08 266 KB
  Document BAA-A03 Student Organization Off-Campus Bank Accounts klaich 04/22/08 22 KB
  Document BAA-L01 Procedures for Ensuring Civil Service Certification & Internal Control klaich 01/20/10 25 KB
  Document Directive Regarding Contracts and Timesheets Issued May, 2011 klaich 05/23/11 13 KB
  Document BAA-D02 Temporary Override of Student Collection Credit Holds for Non-Credit Third-Party Billing klaich 12/01/11 90 KB
  Document Petty Cash Check Voucher Request (Form BAA-A001)

Form used by Petty Cash Custodians to replenish petty cash funds.

klaich 09/17/12 41 KB
  Document BAA-L03 Probational Classified Appointment in Lieu of Promotion klaich 10/08/13 112 KB
  Document BAA-L08 Grievance Procedures for Classified Employees klaich 10/08/13 248 KB
  Collection Campus Police Internal/Departmental Policies and Procedures klaich 12/19/14 1
  Document BAA-G04 Tuition and Fee Adjustment Schedule Guidelines klaich 03/17/15 146 KB
  Document BAA-F03* Athletic Travel

Policy and procedures regarding travel by student athletes and Athletic Department staff. (*Initially issued as BAA-F02 in 2008)

klaich 10/01/15 161 KB
  Document BAA-U01 Indirect Cost Allowances for Grants and Sponsored Programs klaich 12/10/15 139 KB
  Document NACUBO Advisory Report, College's and Universities Compliance with FLSA Standards klaich 12/13/15 486 KB
  Document BAA-G03 Tuition Increase/ Fee Hardship Appeals klaich 08/10/16 120 KB
  Document BAA-Y03 Harmful Substance Exposure Prevention Program klaich 10/04/17 161 KB
  Document BAA-Y02 Animals on Campus klaich 10/07/17 154 KB
  Document BAA-L09 Overtime Compensation for Commissioned Police Officers VCBAA Memorandum Effective 11-6-17

VCBAA Memorandum Determining Overtime Compensation Effective 11-6-17 in accordance with BAA-L09

klaich 11/06/17 382 KB
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