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  Document BAA-O01 Procedures for Reconciling Movable Property per Property Control to Delgado's Financial System klaich 03/07/18 229 KB
  Document BAA-D01 Accounts Receivable and Collection Procedures klaich 06/01/18 82 KB
  Document Childcare Promissary Note klaich 01/14/04 29 KB
  Document BAA-Q01 Procedures for Handling Card Access System Malfunction klaich 02/19/04 35 KB
  Collection Internal Classified Staff Policies and Procedures

Internal Policies and Procedures established in accordance with HR-2130.1, "Civil Service Appointing Authority, Certification, and Internal Control," which ensures proper application of Civil Service regulations by requiring the College's internal policies and procedures that pertain to the interpretation of Civil Service Rules, policies and procedures be reviewed and approved internally as prescribed with subsequent final approval by Louisiana Department of State Civil Service.

klaich 10/03/18 9
  Document BAA-E01 Mobile/Electronic Messaging Devices klaich 06/24/20 115 KB
  Document BAA-L08 Grievance Procedures for Classified Employees klaich 10/08/13 248 KB
  Collection Campus Police Internal/Departmental Policies and Procedures klaich 12/19/14 1
  Document BAA-L01 Procedures for Ensuring Civil Service Certification & Internal Control klaich 01/20/10 25 KB
  Document BAA-L03 Probational Classified Appointment in Lieu of Promotion klaich 10/08/13 112 KB
  Document Petty Cash Memorandum 4/5/06

Memorandum to Petty Cash Custodians and Bursar's Office Staff regarding the College's policy on cashing of convenience checks by employees or students.

klaich 05/11/06 68 KB
  Document Petty Cash Check Voucher Request (Form BAA-A001)

Form used by Petty Cash Custodians to replenish petty cash funds.

klaich 09/17/12 41 KB
  Document BAA-L50 Human Resources System (HRS) Employee Categories klaich 09/13/18 234 KB
  Document BAA-A01 Petty Cash Funds klaich 03/07/18 160 KB
  Document BAA-L04 Optional Pay Adjustments for Classified Service Employees klaich 07/16/18 35 KB
  Document IT-1370.4 Delgado Information Technology Security Policy

IT Security Policy developed in accordance with IT-1370.4 "Information Technology Security"

klaich 11/16/22 386 KB
  Document Exit Checklist Phone Numbers for Part-Time Employees

Phone Numbers for supervisors to contact when completing Employee (Part-Time) Exit Checklist (Form 1410/008)

klaich 07/22/19 65 KB
  Document Property Location Supervisors Training Memo dated 3/17/2008 klaich 03/18/08 266 KB
  Document BAA-G03 Tuition Increase/ Fee Hardship Appeals klaich 08/10/16 120 KB
  Document BAA-A02 Controller's Office: Cash Handling Procedures klaich 10/04/18 274 KB
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