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  Document AA-1210.LL Operational Guidelines 2022-2023

Printable "PDF" version of complete (124-page) Operational Guidelines 2020-2021

klaich 01/11/23 896 KB
  Document AA-1502.2A Field Trips klaich 01/06/23 72 KB
  Document AA-2321.1I Promotion Process Guidelines (Procedures for implementing policy AA-2321.1I, "Promotion-in-Rank") klaich 01/02/23 279 KB
  Document AA-2322.1 Meritorious Commendation klaich 12/22/22 242 KB
  Document AA-2322.1 Meritorious Commenation Award Specifications

Attachment to AA-2322.1 "Meritorious Commendation" Policy

klaich 12/22/22 242 KB
  Document AA-2321.1I Promotion-in-Rank klaich 12/22/22 137 KB
  Document AA-1503.1A Master Syllabus klaich 10/27/22 138 KB
  Document AA-1510.1A The College Curriculum klaich 09/15/22 270 KB
  Document AA-1447.1D Degrees, Technical Diplomas, Certificates, and Acknowledgements of Completion klaich 07/20/22 135 KB
  Document AA-1504.1B Textbook/Course Materials Adoption klaich 07/13/22 160 KB
  Document AA-1414.1A Graduation with Honors klaich 07/06/22 163 KB
  Document AA-1440.1A Student Course Load klaich 06/16/22 72 KB
  Document AA-2220.1C Faculty Evaluation and Improvement of Instruction klaich 05/02/22 549 KB
  Document AA-2122.2E Workload Requirements for Full-Time Faculty

Includes policy information on work hours, course load, office hours, and college obligations for full-time faculty.

klaich 04/25/22 108 KB
  Document AA-2122.4I Professional and Educational Requirements for Faculty klaich 04/25/22 242 KB
  Document AA-2610.1 Emergency Care for Injured Allied Health & Nursing Clinical/Practicum Students

klaich 11/02/21 111 KB
  Document AA-1502.3A Minimum Class Size klaich 07/19/21 83 KB
  Document AA-2420.1C Released Time klaich 07/19/21 80 KB
  Document AA-2122.3 Additional Faculty Compensation for Full-Time Faculty klaich 07/19/21 137 KB
  Document AA-1513.1A Distance Learning klaich 06/10/21 113 KB
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