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  Collection 1.2 Course/Workshop Information ofsd 05/02/14 12
  Collection 1-FacDev Program Design

Program Development Documents

ofsd 05/02/14 9
  Collection 2 L.I.N.K. For Faculty & Staff

Brown Bag Discussion

ofsd 05/02/14 9
  Collection 2.1 StaffDev Program Design ofsd 05/02/14 0
  Collection 3-SummerInstituteMaterials ofsd 05/02/14 15
  Collection 4.1 - VISC ofsd 05/02/14 7
  Collection 4-CDYC ofsd 05/02/14 10
  Collection 5-Practices With Purpose

A series of videos depicting the learning-centered teaching practices of DCC faculty.

ofsd 05/02/14 6
  Collection 7-Convocation ofsd 05/02/14 4
  Collection 8-Adjunct Faculty Development ofsd 05/02/14 4
  Collection Administrative Information

Tools for handling procedures

ofsd 05/02/14 1
  Collection Assessment Links

Links to classroom, program, and college-wide assessment tools and techniques

ofsd 05/02/14 4
  Collection Bloom's Taxonomy ofsd 05/02/14 4
  Collection Classroom Management

Resources and materials related to handling classroom situations and dealing with classroom concerns, whether behavioral or psychological or emotional.

ofsd 05/02/14 6
  Collection Designs For Learning: A Program For Student Learning Outcomes, Design, and Assessment

Includes Overview and Project Documents, Learning-Centered Principles, Design for Learning - Academic Objectives, and Student Service Objectives.

ofsd 05/02/14 9
  Collection Discipline Specific Resources

Browse for active/collaborative techniques and practices by discipline.

ofsd 05/02/14 7
  Collection Engaging the Class

Resources for student engagement in the classroom

ofsd 05/02/14 4
  Collection Powerpoint Presentations ofsd 05/02/14 5
  Collection Psyc 127 ofsd 05/02/14 2
  Collection Resources on Teaching & Learning

Links to resources

ofsd 05/02/14 7
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