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  Document Academic Calendar Creation Timeline 2022-2023

Timeline for the development and creation of next following Academic Calendar.

klaich 06/16/22 77 KB
  Document Art Gallery Calendar 2022-2023 klaich 06/16/22 35 KB
  Document Budget Calendar 2022-2023

Calendar for Preparing 2023-2024 Budget

klaich 06/16/22 73 KB
  Document Catalog Production Calendar 2022-2023

Timeline for the development of the 2022-2023 College Catalog.

klaich 06/16/22 9 KB
  Document Class Schedule Production Calendar 2022-2023

Timeline production for Class Schedules

klaich 09/21/22 11 KB
  Document Commencement Calendar 2022-2023

Calendar information regarding Delgado's Fall and Spring Commencement Exercises.

klaich 06/16/22 8 KB
  Document Credentials Verification Schedule 2022-2023 (New Faculty)

Information, process, and timeline for verifying new faculty credentials.

klaich 06/16/22 8 KB
  Document Curriculum Development Calendar 2022-2023 klaich 09/22/22 9 KB
  Document Evaluation Calendar 2022-2023

Schedules of Personnel Evaluations for Full-time and Part-time Faculty Evaluations, Administrators and Unclassified Personnel Evaluations, and Civil Service Classified Personnel Evaluations

klaich 07/22/22 63 KB
  Document Final Examination Schedule 2022-2023

Examination Schedule for Fall, Spring and Summer

klaich 06/16/22 44 KB
  Document Health & Other Insurance Calendar- Open Enrollment Period for 2023 Calendar Year Benefits klaich 06/23/22 40 KB
  Document Holiday Calendar 2018-2019 klaich 07/10/18 16 KB
  Document Inventory Calendar 2022-2023 klaich 06/23/22 78 KB
  Document Library Calendar 2022-2023 klaich 11/16/22 11 KB
  Document Music Recital Calendar 2022-2023 klaich 06/28/22 45 KB
  Document Operational Guidelines Production Calendar 2022-2023

Timeline for the development and creation of the 2023-2024 Operational Guidelines

klaich 06/23/22 76 KB
  Document Payroll Biweekly Calendar 2018

2018 Calendar Year Banner Payroll Calendars Issued by LCTCS Office

klaich 07/12/18 479 KB
  Document Professional Development Calendar 2022-2023

Includes the Professional Development Committee Meeting Dates, Mini-Grant Calendar, Mini-Grant Recipients for previous academic year, and Power of One Grants Calendar, and information on the Presenter's Grants Timeline

klaich 07/24/22 52 KB
  Document Promotion-In-Rank Timeline 2022-2023

Current Academic Year Timeline for Promotion-in-Rank Process

klaich 12/15/22 100 KB
  Document Purchasing Closeout Calendar 2022-2023 klaich 06/28/22 9 KB
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