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  Document Employee Request for Educational Leave to Attend Class (1412/001) klaich 02/24/21 173 KB
  Document Employee Request for Tuition Exemption (Form 1412/002) klaich 02/24/21 90 KB
  Document Employee Request for Tuition Reduction (1412/003) klaich 02/24/21 182 KB
  Document Leave Request Form (Form 2400/001) klaich 08/24/22 64 KB
  Document Personnel Action Form (Form 2200/002)

This form is required for all internal transfers, separations, and changes in salary or classification.

klaich 05/12/21 227 KB
  URL L-4 Louisiana Employee Witholding Exemption Certificate klaich 04/06/09 0
  URL Employment Verification Eligibility Form (Form I-9) klaich 08/10/10 0
  Document Request for Released Time (Form 2420/001) klaich 07/13/21 69 KB
  Document Disclosure of Outside Employment Requiring Approval of the Vice Chancellor/ Executive Dean (LCTCS Form "A")

In accordance with LCTCS Policy 6.018, this LCTCS Form adapted for Delgado is used by employees on an annual basis to disclose all outside employment and requires approval of the appropriate Vice Chancellor/ Executive Dean.

klaich 06/07/21 128 KB

Includes LCTCS Policy 6.018 "Outside Employment of LCTCS Employees," and Disclosure of Outside Employment Forms, LCTCS Form "A" and Form "B" adapted for Delgado employees

klaich 10/10/18 2
  Collection FMLA Forms

U.S. Department of Labor Forms related to leave associated with the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

klaich 03/23/09 8
  Document Position Control Form (Form 2200/001)

This form must be completed and approved to initiate the hiring process.

klaich 05/12/21 221 KB
  Document Overtime/Compensatory Time Leave Approval Form (Form 2400/005) klaich 01/10/23 67 KB
  Collection EMPLOYMENT FORMS AND PROCEDURES klaich 04/23/14 20
  Collection Human Resources Trainings klaich 07/23/18 2
  Collection ARCHIVED - HR FACULTY AGREEMENT FORMS klaich 04/15/24 7
  Document End-of-Semester Checkout Form (Form 2122/002) klaich 11/16/15 34 KB
  Document Direct Deposit Enrollment Authorization Form (LCTCS Form for EMPLOYEES)

Form used to enroll biweekly EMPLOYEES into direct deposit of biweekly net pay.

klaich 02/02/16 54 KB
  Document Summer Service Employment Form for Nine-Month Full-Time Faculty (Form 2123/001) klaich 02/29/16 61 KB
  Document Violence Incident Statement klaich 05/15/07 31 KB
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