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Includes LCTCS Policy 6.018 "Outside Employment of LCTCS Employees," and Disclosure of Outside Employment Forms, LCTCS Form "A" and Form "B" adapted for Delgado employees

klaich 10/10/18 2
  Collection Human Resources Trainings klaich 07/23/18 2
  Collection HR FACULTY AGREEMENT FORMS klaich 05/22/20 7
  Collection FMLA Forms

U.S. Department of Labor Forms related to leave associated with the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

klaich 03/23/09 8
  Collection EMPLOYMENT FORMS AND PROCEDURES klaich 04/23/14 19
  Document Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability Form - LCTCS

Voluntary Self-Identification ADA Form

klaich 10/11/22 756 KB
  Document Violence Incident Statement klaich 05/15/07 31 KB
  Document Verification of Employment Form klaich 12/14/10 38 KB
  Document Unclassified Faculty Staff Position Description Form (Form 2200/005) klaich 02/02/22 53 KB
  Document Unclassified Employee Problem Solving Form (Form 2534/014) klaich 12/19/12 61 KB
  Document TRSL Name Change Request Form

Form used to make a change or request with Teachers Retirement System of Louisiana (TRSL)

klaich 12/15/10 55 KB
  Document TRSL Enrollment Application/Notification Form

Form used to enroll in Teachers Retirement System of Louisiana

klaich 12/15/10 84 KB
  Document Telephone Reference Sample Form klaich 07/08/11 19 KB
  Document Summer Service Employment Form for Nine-Month Full-Time Faculty (Form 2123/001) klaich 02/29/16 61 KB
  Document Statement of Agreement or Understanding for Compensation for Classified Employee Overtime Work (Form 2400/006) klaich 04/07/14 201 KB
  Document SIB (Second Injury Board) Workman's Comp Knowledge Questionnaire klaich 03/15/21 446 KB
  Document Salary Deferred Pay Option Plan Form 2023-2024 klaich 07/05/23 66 KB
  Document Request for Released Time (Form 2420/001) klaich 07/13/21 69 KB
  Document Request for Reasonable Accommodation (ADA) Form klaich 09/20/22 60 KB
  Document Reference Check Form klaich 07/08/11 34 KB
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