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Includes the College's Hurricane Emergency Plan and Departmental Hurricane Emergency Plans

klaich 12/16/08 2

Includes college-wide emergency plans for the following specific threats: Assaults, Bomb Threats, Chemical or Biological Threats, Demonstrations, Fights/Disturbances, Fire, Hazardous Materials, Hostages, Intruders, Medical Emergencies, Severe Weather, Shooting, Suicide, Weapons

klaich 12/16/08 20

Includes the following standard emergency procedures that may be employed for various threats in accordance with the appropriate campus and site specific emergency plan: General Emergency Procedures; Medical Emergency Procedures; Lockdown Procedures; Evacuation/Relocation Procedures; Shelter-in-Place Procedures; and Post-Crisis Intervention Procedures

klaich 12/16/08 9
  Collection EMPLOYEE SAFETY TRAINING klaich 09/09/11 32
  Document SF-1373.7 Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) Program klaich 06/01/12 363 KB
  Document SF-1733.1A Violent Incident Reporting Route (as per Policy SF-1733.1A)

In accordance with SF-1733.1A, Violence in the Workplace Policy

klaich 04/15/13 135 KB
  Document SF-1373.5D Tobacco-Free College Policy: Act 211 (SB 36) Smoking Prohibitions - Higher Education Smoke Free by Aug 2014 La Legislature Reg Session 2013

Smoke-Free Campus Legislation Effective August 2014

klaich 06/17/14 12 KB
  Document SF-1373.1C Work Environment Safety Program - Technical Division Safety Program (as per SF-1373.1C) klaich 04/12/15 2 MB
  Document SF-1373.1C Glass Claim Incident Reporting Procedure

For use in accordance with the College's Work Environment Safety Program policy

klaich 08/23/16 232 KB
  Document Safety and Risk Management Program Responsible Units klaich 09/27/16 129 KB
  Document SF-1382.1A Driver Safety Program klaich 01/27/17 396 KB
  Document SF-1370.2 Comprehensive Safety Program klaich 03/15/18 326 KB
  Document SF-1373.5D Tobacco-Free College (effective August 1, 2014) klaich 08/17/18 24 KB
  Document SF-1373.1C Work Environment Safety Program klaich 10/17/18 214 KB
  Document SF-1373.3A Control of Hazardous Materials klaich 10/22/18 270 KB
  Document SF-1733.1A Violence in the Workplace klaich 10/23/18 807 KB
  Document SF-1373.1C Accident/Incident Reporting Route Flowchart

Route for Reporting Accidents/Incidents in accordance with Delgado's Comprehensive Safety Program Policy, Work Environment Safety Program Policy, and Drug Testing Policy

klaich 04/05/19 176 KB
  Document Educational Vendors - Advisement to Faculty and Staff klaich 11/13/19 168 KB
  Document SA-1448.1D Student Judicial Code's "Behavioral Intervention Team Procedures"

PROCEDURES used for assessing threat of DISTRESSED PERSONS, in accordance with 1448.1D "Student Judicial Code"

klaich 05/20/21 160 KB
  Document SF-1352.1F Management and Control of State Property

POLICY regarding inventory process for state property. For specific procedures and forms, see "Procedures for Management and Control of State Property."

klaich 06/01/21 287 KB
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