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AA-2230.2A Endowed Professorship Award
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  • AA- 2230.2APOLICY & PROCEDURES MEMORANDUMTITLE: ENDOWED PROFESSORSHIPAWARDEFFECTIVE DATE: March 18, 2003*(* Title Updates 8/ 26/ 10; 9/ 8/ 04)CANCELLATION: AA- 2230.2 (2/ 5/ 02)OFFICE: Academic Affairs (AA)POLICY STATEMENT In accordance with the Louisiana Board of Regents Endowed Professorships policy, Delgado Community College has instituted an Endowed Professorship Award program.
  • March 18, 2003AA- 2230.2A(* Title Updates 8/ 26/ 10; 9/ 8/ 04) 4 K. The Endowed Professorship Selection Committees will inform the ViceChancellor for Learning and Student Development of the final selection.
  • 8. Annual Review of Guidelines/ Procedures The Endowed Professorship guidelines and procedures will be reviewed annually and revised as needed with input...
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