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Deans' Council 2023-2024
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  • DeansCouncil2011- 2012 DEANS COUNCILFunctionoftheDeansCouncilTheDeansCouncilisacollege-wide planning and advisory group comprised of the Deans of all academic divisionsacrosstheCollege. MembershipChair:Thomas Gruber, Dean, Science and Mathematics Members: Lester Adelsberg, Dean, Communication Ashley Chitwood, Executive Dean, Delgado Northshore Ray Gisclair, Interim Dean, Allied Health Thomas Gruber, Dean, Science and Mathematics Larissa Littleton- Steib, Executive Dean, West Bank Campus/ Equal Access Equal Opportunity (EAEO) Officer Leroy Kendrick, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Workforce Development and Education Melissa Lacour, Dean, Distance Learning and Instructional Technology Patrice...
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