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2006, March 31
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  • New Business Note: The Agenda was Re-ordered and items combined for discussion – Original Agenda Item Placement V.a.
  • Business and Technology/HOST Course Title Change/Course Revision: HOST 200 Hospitality Accounting.
  • Business and Technology/HOST Course Revision: HOST 200 Hospitality Revenue Management.
  • Pre-requisite: HOST 101.” Motion to accept proposals [Motion: Lester Adelsberg; Second: Thomas Gruber; Carried, Unanimously].
  • Note: Original Agenda Item V.i Liberal Arts/Liberal Arts & Sciences/THEA Course Title Change/Course Revision: THEA 111 Acting Workshop.
  • Delete THEA 161 and THEA 261 Acting Workshop courses from the catalog of course offerings.
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Curriculum Committee Minutes 2006-03-31.doc
Appears In: Curriculum Committee Minutes of Meetings (2005-2006)
Preferred Version: 2006, March 31