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Educational Degree Plan (Form 1505/001)
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  • Delgado Community College Education Degree Plan CHECK HERE IF THIS IS A REVISED EVALUATION _______ TRANSFER CREDITS FROM______________________________ NAME:______________________________________________________________________ CATALOG YR___________________ LAST FIRST MIDDLE SOC.SEC.NO.____________________________DIV.
  • Degree Program Transfer (T) G H Q P COURSE R O U O PREFIX NUMBER TITLE OrAUA I MAJOR COURSES REQUIRING A GRADE OF “C” OR BETTER D R L N Substitutions (S) E S I T T S 18 Hours-Area of Concentration (No more than 1/3 non-traditional credit; at least 6 hours must be 200 level courses) Y REQUIRED RELATED COURSES (21 hours) CMIN 201 3 GENERAL EDUCATION COURSES ENGL 101 3 ENGL 102 3 ENGL 112 3 MATH 118 3 MATH 120 3 SOCI.
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